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10/3/2020 c34 160Cotto
I want to be able to read the sequel you've planned, Kenn Faith Dawn; this's really interesting, but it would probably be a good quality Biblical crossover, what with the identity of the villain of this story as well as at least one place it's set in.
However, some details that seem suspicious, those demonesses would be, even cooperating, far weaker than their dictator; megalomaniacs are like that: they horde power and power to them typically means in such a case performance, so he'd have them addicted to just about everything, by manipulation; so while they hate him, they're impotent compared to him, and he is impotent in all levels, besides to those who give themselves to him/it, more precisely "it" for a spirit is neuter.
It's a good story overall, I especially liked the drama in it, and I beg and beseech ye for the sequel, so that that can be read, Kenn Faith Dawn.
Hopefully I'll hear from you again, soon.
Sincerely one of your hopefully entirely too many fans;
P.S. Oh, yeah, another detail: they're possessed, and with demonic possession, the possessed are weak, they're enslaved by their spirit masters- who operate as gangs- so really, they're the subjects of horrible abuse; they'd also likely have tattoos as well, what with those being brands... and thus marks of enslavement.
And what of the idea of this being something of a crossover with the Book of Revelation, what with your events being a kind of "Battle of Armegeddon" for instance, Kenn Faith Dawn for instance; what do you think of that idea?
4/7/2016 c34 1BigJtheclown
11/10/2015 c34 Bulletwolf
Heres a thought i dont know if it would work with your story though but how about having Faith dawn willow Tara and Kennedy be a fivesome
11/9/2015 c34 14dark nightmere
I think that in the sequel much should have changed on earth as the demons rule it now and even though the lights will win many battles against the five but none have reached America as the whole country is now one demon strong hold as Proserpexa wields the havoc blade as the war itself will last much longer than 20 years as it will finely end 300 years later as Makaila Fray Jane's last descendent and the very last slayer. I think that Jane should grow into an accomplished leader of the resistance as she fights the five finely learning of the slayer scythe a weapon of paranormal power which can destroy the old ones and the five but it is under the five's castle but since the five have become divided as they hunt down the five as Lady midday full out of favour with Proserpexa after countless losses to the rebels and was exiled to Australia. I think that Proserpexa should chuckle wickedly as she sits in her castle with Echidna by her side as she has proven to be the greatest of her allies pushing back the rebels assaults in many different areas as have Faith and Dawn it is to bad that Kennedy has failed in her task to defeat the rebels and had to be exiled because she does not accept failure but she knows the slayers will finely come for there weapon and she will crush them as she is the most powerful of the five. I think that Tara should aim to hunt down the rebels and find there base as she knows that it most be in Europe somewhere as that is where most of the fighting with Faith and Dawn's forces has been and she will comb through the whole place if she has to and kill anyone who stands in her way. I think that Jane, Janice, Julies and Alucard should begin to plan there assault on America knowing they can't fly as there are massive dragons and flying demons which petrol the skies on earth they will have to go by ship but that in itself is risky as there are water demons and Echidna's spawn the succumbs swim through the sea's of earth but it is the best bet for victory because they have to retrieve the slayer scythe from the five as they board the ship Jane will leave Jessica in charge of the base while they set off for America the demon capital of earth.
10/17/2015 c33 dark nightmere
I think that Echidna should quickly act to give Proserpexa an advantage over Satan as she sacrifice's Buffy to Proserpexa but this will also activate Janice's slayer powers as Echidna realises she is to late and that two slayers have survived and reclaimed there powers meaning that total victory is not there's and that the light still lives. I think that Willow should smile as she gets the power boost but knows that Dracula most have acted to take the slayer power out of Faith as she see's the power leaving her as she glares at Satan as she rescues Tara from the infinity vortex as they unite to destroy Satan and take his army as there own. I think that Jane should train up aiming to defeat the five as she prepares for battle knowing that soon they will have to head for Sunnydale and commence the final battle to save earth from the five but knows that the darkness is growing ever stronger and that darker shadows are closing in. I think that Faith should feel the slayer powers leaving her as she realises that someone has stolen them her rage will be great as she fully bonds with Lamashtu knowing that the forces of light have acted to late and that darkness has won. I think that Dracula should prepare his own army to attack Sunnydale knowing that they most destroy the five as soon as they return but he will be prepared in case they are defeated knowing how strong Willow is he should be prepared for the worst as he knows that Proserpexa is the strongest of the five and will kill them all. I think that Illyria should feel Kennedy's pain as she falls into the infinity vortex as she quickly abandons her fight with Chaos and dives into hell but this will allow there enemies to almost crush the family if not for Echidna and her guardians who try to force Chaos and Solaris back into hell or crush and destroy them. I think that Echidna should unleash her deadly magic powers of darkness managing to force Solaris back but the hell god of the sun will fight on but using her whips of darkness she will push him back aiming to crush him once and for all. I think that soon after there victory over Chaos and Solaris Echidna should order the family to bleed Buffy over the stature as she smiles knowing that this will give Proserpexa all the power she needs to destroy Satan and conquer the earth as the five will make there return Glorious to demon kind.
9/9/2015 c1 160Cotto
Hey, quality first chapter,,, familial connections is a touch that I completely enjoy. Spelling's a bit off, though- no offense intended, Sir.
I especially like the way you've got Kennedy as Giles's niece- that's a very nice touch!
Here's hoping this gets a conversation between us going; .Dawn.
Sincerely your fan, pretty much forever;
5/16/2015 c2 28Son of Whitebeard
great seeing Echidna again
5/11/2015 c32 14dark nightmere
I think that Echidna should act to late as Dracula is already acting to put the slayer line back through Buffy while stealing Faith's slayer powers as she is unworthy of them from being the dark slayer as he intends to transfer her power to Janice because just as Echidna bleeds Buffy her power will go to Jane meaning the slayer line survivors to fight the demons once more. I think that Willow should use her powers to catch Tara and pull her to safety while losing Kennedy as Satan chuckles evilly Willow will look at Faith and Dawn while charging at Satan while the ground behind them falls away as the four remaining aim to strike Satan down and claim his armies. I think that Illyria should sense Kennedy's trouble just as Chaos and Xehanort break through the gates of hell along with a portion of Satan's army around two thousand prepared to eliminate the five's allies to pave the way for there masters return knowing that the five most be in trouble Illyria will dive into hell just as a great darkness comes over earth. I think that Jane should prepare the armies of humans, vampires and werewolf's for battle as she aims to head to Sunnydale to stop the five from conquering earth with Janice by her side she will set off for the greatest battle of the slayer line is about to take place since the third slayer who banished the old ones. I think that Satan will smile as he fights Proserpexa and her remaining sisters knowing that victory will be easy without all five of them as he arms his sword to crush his enemies as they charge into battle Satan will chuckle evilly as he summons some reapers to weaken them so that he can deliver the final blow but he will not underestimate them like Sameal did as he knows Proserpexa's strength having faced her once before long ago. I think that Raisa should watch the battle from the shadows having been ordered by her father to not interfere with his battle against the four but desires to crush Echidna for her brief battle with her in the eightieth century or at least her host as she glares at the four but knows that her father will win and make his return to the world.
4/28/2015 c32 DragonKing19
not bad
8/26/2014 c31 28Son of Whitebeard
Good to see cereberus
8/13/2014 c31 14dark nightmere
I think that Julius should explain how Faith's first betrayal caused the powers that be to make sure that Faith's evil could not spread they made sure that no heirs could come from Faith and as Buffy's soul was trapped in a demon dimension she could not have an heir to inherit her powers meaning that only Faith remained but now that Faith has betrayed the powers that be once again she will lose the slayer powers as soon as she returns to earth as he tells Jane that she is Buffy's heir and that Janice will inherit Faith's powers. I think that Jane should smile as she looks at Julius even though he is quite old somewhere around his late 30's early forty's he is quite hansom still as he palls the vampire killer whip out while glaring at Dracula as he explains how his family have fought against Dracula for centuries only been forced to unite with him twice once in the 13th century and again in the 16th to stop the five. I think that Alucard should come into this soon as he is Dracula's son and an enemy of the darkness as he witnessed his mother's death at the hands of a rabid mob as they put her on a cross for her love for Dracula in the fourteenth century when he was just a young boy since that day he has vowed to fight evil as he palls his sword out aiming to fight and stop the five as he unites with his father and Julius to battle the five once more. I think that in hell Willow, Faith and Dawn will reach Tara and Kennedy as they are held over the infinity vortex where Satan will tell them they can only save one of the five as he smiles wickedly as he causes the ground to rumble as he traps the three on this side while summoning forth Absalom and the Charred council to hold off the four housemen and make sure that none of the Guardians of the five interfere with his plans. I think that Rosa Satan's daughter should watch her father clash with the four as she smiles realising that Willow sacrificed Kennedy and that soon they will raise to take earth for themselves but just as this thought passes through her mind Kennedy will renter the conflict and help turn the tides as she and Illyria battle Satan finely defeating him by slamming five swords into him taking his army for there own but Rosa won't expect this as soon as the five leave she should walk over to her father slowly healing him with her corrupted blood as she vows revenge against the five for defeating her father.
8/5/2014 c31 GoldDragonNinja
4/13/2014 c30 dark nightmere
I think that Dracula and Alucard should defeat all of the demons that stand in there way to saving the watches and pertentails as they battle the dark forces to prevent the prophecy being fulfilled and to stop the darkness from arising. I think that Jane should retrieve the slayer scythe sometime either in the sequel from the rains of Sunnydale or just prior to the five's return as she will use that weapon to fight the five and stop the darkness once and for all. I think that Willow, Faith and Dawn should confront Satan soon as he summons forth Absalom and the Charred Conical to stop them as he hangs the two he has over a demonic vortex prepared to allow them to save one while sacrificing the other while Willow saves Tara. I think that Illyria will sense what Satan is up to and be horrified of how evil he is while fighting Chaos the god of discard and Xehanort the master of darkness she should slice through Chaos as she dives into the gate to save Kennedy from Satan. I think that Dracula should explain how he stopped Satan and the five when they first tried to arise in the tenth century and then again in the 15th when they tried again as he forced them back to hell with help from the powers that be and his son Alucard as they made up to stop the darkness the second time so that they would never return but now they are almost victories and only together can they be stopped for good. I think that Willow, Faith, Dawn and Tara should be battling Satan who will be the strongest of the dark enemies they have faced so far as Kennedy and Illyria arrive to back them up and finish off Satan he will summon forth a massive wall of fire smiling as he has trapped the five in his domain but they will unite there darkness to destroy him and prove to be ever stronger and strike him down as they slam there swords into him and escape through the Hellmouth ready to finish off the earth now.
4/6/2014 c30 GoldDragonNinja
super fantastic
11/17/2013 c28 GoldDragonNinja
That is the best DUDE!
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