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for The Birthday Cake

7/17/2013 c1 Novalunni
I first thought that Sirius was shaking from happiness, but I guess as much as he hated them, they still were his family for years.
6/28/2013 c1 38loveislouder94
Oh, poor Sirius! I've often wondered how he found out that his family had disowned him, and this is an interesting take on that. I like how the other Marauders poked fun at his lack of baking skills, but were also there to comfort him when he was upset at the end.
Well done!
12/24/2012 c1 11Miia Swann
I honestly loved this! Its such a refreshing change to have Sirius actually care about being disowned...and so well written too! :)
11/2/2012 c1 Guest
Awww :( nice though :)
5/19/2012 c1 8PSdancer54
That was really good! I've always wondered how Sirius found out that they disowned him. I do hope that Tonks ended up having a happy birthday, and that Sirius somehow fixed the cake and card. Great job!
5/19/2012 c1 don't meet your heroes
This so could have happened! And yeah, it's nice to know you show Sirius as something other than a trickster - even though that's what he was during that time period. :)
5/18/2012 c1 38Hermione Fowl
Aww, poor Sirius. :( Most people make it seem like he didn't care, but I liked how you did it better. Of course Sirius would be sad.
5/17/2012 c1 Jannice Sace
The idea is great, also the writing, I really love it. I never kind of believed that Sirius was totally happy when he was disowned.
5/17/2012 c1 15xXxVioletSkyxXx
Well, that was interesting!

I really love Marauder days fics and I believe you did this one justice. Funnily enough, my last chapter was on Tonks birthday too. Oh well, great minds think alike!

Again, great job. I wouldn't be reviewing if I didn't like it



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