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for Baka and Test: Bakas and Beginnings

1/21/2013 c1 2kylieyazmingaspar
Wow!From America!
12/26/2012 c1 2BakaFanBoy
9/9/2012 c1 A Continuation
Beast: Anything.(explained later)
Best Subjects: Any language( high 100's)
Worst: Everything else

This Oc is special in the way that it can instantly asuume a disguise of anybody and everybody through the use of CENSORED ( which is why it has no fixed Beast appearance)and can become invisible using an invisbilty watch.
Attacks with a balisong knife. Instant kill on familiar? It is.
9/9/2012 c1 Guest
Is this for real?
So then,
Name: John Doe
Age: 15.(or else?)
Nationality: France
Appearance: is covered by a moderate body size.
Description:He is a puzzle, wrapped in an enigma, shrouded in riddles, lovingly sprinkled with intrigue, express mailed to Mystery, Alaska, and LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU! but it is too late. You're dead. For he is the Spy - globetrotting rogue, lady killer (metaphorically) and mankiller (for real).
5/30/2012 c1 1Aka-Alice
Oh, Oh! I want to post!
Name Lydia Lucent Graven
Age 15 [almost 16
Nationality American slightly Austrian
Appearance Well, she has waist-length Ivory hair and red eyes. Light colour skin and she uses her school uniform. And she uses rollerblades.
Personality She is a nice person but sometimes she's stubborn. She likes hang out with Inner F class and of course the other OCs.
Best Subject 1st English (897), 2nd Modern Japanese (456), 3rd P.E (328) and just like your OC she can speak German.
Her math is the least subject that she like. Her score only get 90. She almost asleep on every subject, Because she likes staying up late.
Beast's Appearance Her hair tied into a side ponytail. She wears a simple black t-shirt and plain white sleeveless Hoddie, cream short shorts and rollerblades. She used twin sword to attack other beast.
5/21/2012 c1 9xXRoyal Mai and Miki HimeXx
Mai: my sis ain't here so I'll review without her knowing and I LOVE THIS SERIES ALOT! X3 so may I?

Name-Yamada Rima

Nationaliy- Asian with a hint of Italian

Appearance- Has Neck length brown hair and bangs on her right side she also sometimes ties it up,Chocolate brown eyes,fair skin,wears her school uniform but hates skirts so she wears shorts instead and Iron Man always yells at her,has Skull candy papaya pink head phones and sometimes wears her Papaya pink glasses in class. She isn't fat or skinny so she's around the middle

Best Subject- 1. Science 777 2.History 563 3. Physical Education 402

Her worst is Math like around 102 or less like 83 cause she thinks it's boring and always sleeps during Math class

Personality: sweet,is a rebel when it comes to dress codes,cant stand people breaking rules except for the dress code,adores sweets and loves anything regarding Science but her first love (not regarding guys) is Discipline and always has something dessert-like in her hand. Also if you make her mad she will swear at you in Italian.

Beast: Has Papaya pink hair in a ponytail,red eyes,wears a short sleeved blouse,a red tie, red checkered skirt underneath is black tights,above right elbow is a piece of cloth that says "Discipline" and her weapon is Tonfas.

Pairing I would like for my Oc is HideyoshiXoc please!

Mai: here you go! And sorry for not reviewing your other stories cause our laptop was taken and we only have our phone and it's hard to review cause the internet is horrible ' so anyways Ganbatte ne JA NE! X3
5/18/2012 c1 9Yoky2cool4u
Looks like you know what you're doing.

Here is my Oc. (I love this Oc I can't think of another one till I finish my story for Naruto with her in it)

Age- 15 or whatever you want it to be.

Name-Shinu Kyoto

Nationaliy- Asian

Appearance- White hair,lime green eyes, school uniform with blue headphones around her neck carries a ukulele with her where every she goes almost wolf like teeth

Best Subject- 1st Math (due to her love of music score is 786) 2nd Science (it just comes to her she

loves strategy) score meh 312 she is only good it two subjects the others are okay average scores like 214-254 P.E. is the one she has a score of 1 in she is really lazy ,but she has the energy to do well in that subject is she were to try. (She isn't one of those it's so far away! People when the item is right infront of them.) She just loves sleeping.

Beast's Appearence- Same features as the Oc's except uses sound to attack with a electric guitar uses

Pairing I would like for my Oc KoutaxOc

She can play drums and guitar (ukulele,elec. Guitar, or acoustic guitar ... etc.)

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