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12/9/2014 c4 Berlin
It was pretty good, but nothing too special.
8/7/2013 c3 19yaoiprincess101
I need more!
7/31/2013 c3 1Soma307
Love it
3/16/2013 c3 Guest
please continue! I cant wait to see the reactions!
2/23/2013 c3 Guest
Yay! Update! Can't wait to see what you do next!
12/7/2012 c3 Guest
please update this is priceless!
12/5/2012 c3 Guest
oooooooooooooooo! UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!
9/16/2012 c1 5Qrowbars
Aw Dangit. You should put a warning at the top that there's genderbending. I personally don't like it with the Hetalia cast, so it would have been helpful.

Other than that, your story seems well written and well formatted. I won't be continuing to read it due to ...Amelia? not being Alfred, but aside from me being picky your story is very good.
Continue it for the sake of the other happy revewiers!
9/5/2012 c3 6Pachimew
Aw, no fair! I want to help torture them!*CoughCough*ChibizeCanadaandItalyandAmer icagivethemadeathhug*CoughCough*
Canada, Italy, and America: What?
Oh, nothing...nothing at all...
Earlier mentioned nations:*Cue anime sweatdrop*
8/22/2012 c3 5xXcanadalovespancakesXx
Write more!
8/15/2012 c3 3WeirdCornChip
Torturing is fun, da? Yay potions!
Not sure what they are, but the students better behave, da?
8/11/2012 c3 3Glimer
This is really good! Please, keep writing! :)
8/10/2012 c3 1Written-in-Sand
This story is awesome! I can't wait to see how the North American siblings will teach!
8/9/2012 c3 8Myrna Maeve
Oh, surprises! i love surprises!
6/25/2012 c2 3HermitsDisguise
thank yuo loved the chapter please update soon
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