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6/2/2019 c29 5FFX2player
YOU'RE ALIVE! I'm soooooo happy you're ok, even if it's more sort of ok. This chapter is adorable, as alwaysI've had depression, it's a miserable place to be, I'm really glad you're doing better!
9/21/2014 c28 FFX2player
Mush, happy happy mush.
9/6/2014 c27 FFX2player
YEA! It lives again! I know life can devour you, but I'm REALLY happy to see you back! Getting closer there Gary...
3/18/2013 c26 FFX2player
Meh, at least you update, that's the important part! Love the slow build of their relationship, BTW. :)
3/18/2013 c26 3Kumisaki
Oh boy! More clues! I hope we find out what really happened soon ! :D
3/12/2013 c25 Kumisaki
So many hidden agents... And questions!
3/11/2013 c25 5FFX2player
Oy, now I feel worse for Luke than ever! Good Job
3/11/2013 c25 7TheClockworkFaerie
Asd;flkajsd;f they're so adorable.

That's it. Sorry Gary, but Luke and Lindsey are my OTP for this. And they better be together at the end of this. I will cry if they aren't. ;;
3/4/2013 c24 5FFX2player
I am!

Gary flirting is adorable, BTW. :)
3/4/2013 c23 FFX2player
Err, this is awkward, but I just reviewed and was going back to check the author's note at the end of your previous story to check on something and found out, "Hey, FFnet Mobile screwed me over last night!" It skipped a few chapters and handed me your author's note instead, as if you didn't complete it before the re-write...I have NO idea why that happened, but I apologize for my stupid review now. -; I drop kick all computer glitches into a black hole!

Great story still!

(chapter change since it won't let me post twice in the same chapter!)
3/4/2013 c22 FFX2player
OK, I found this story yesterday and enjoyed it quite a bit, but would like to raise a few points please.
1. To start positive, I love the way you did the re-write. I read the old one first and near the end Keegan's name used for Eve was getting confusing. Also, the whole Operation Anthem felt...tossed in I guess I would put it. It read as if the idea came to you near the end and you just rolled with it...which is fine if it didn't throw a bunch of new characters in. BUT, all that is fixed now! Excellent job!

2. However, PLEASE put "discontinued, under re-write, permanent hiatus", or something in the summary of your other story to let people know it's incomplete because honestly, I was TICKED OFF when I read through 45 chapters and got a note it was being rewritten. Again, I truly love your rewrite, but I know I can't be the only one irritated by that.

3. Again, I love how Operation Anthem is flowing flawlessly into the story. NOW I care about the characters, I know who they are and what they're relationships are. That makes a HUGE difference. I also find Mayhem's transformation from pure psycho to something deeper very nice. Good job.

Finally, a question, just from curiosity, if you don't mind. Why the change from M to T? Kind of curious.

Overall, I enjoy it, thanks for a great story!
3/3/2013 c24 3Kumisaki
I'm still reading! :) update soon!
I seriously can't wait! And I reqlly want to know what the big mystery is with the accident
2/23/2013 c23 Kumisaki
Aw! It's so fluffy! I love it!
2/3/2013 c21 Kumisaki
You're getting married? That's so exciting!
I hope your special day is filled with romance and happy memories! :)
ps: your story is A-mazing!
2/3/2013 c21 7TheClockworkFaerie
Oh, well congratulations!
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