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6/3/2012 c6 27EdeatheDemonFox
Good lord, I'm so anxious for the next chapter. It's just like with the other one as well. XD This story has me hyper and so ready for more. I can't wait to see Keegan/Eve come back into the picture. :3 I've adored her since the beginning. And you're really describing his daily patterns well, too, which is really cool. Again, very nice descriptive wording.
6/3/2012 c5 EdeatheDemonFox
I love Keegan! He is an epic ranger! And Sea Salt! Goodness, love tha name for a Vaporeon! XD So cute! And the interaction between all of them was very well done. I really like Luke. And I also know how Daniella feels. I'm considered the 'pet' of thr group by quite a few people at work. ;
6/3/2012 c4 EdeatheDemonFox
Though it's still confusing what with all these other people, I really am taking well to Justice. :D Hopefully the other's can bury themselves into my mind soon, too. And then I'll stop being confused. XD And that scene with Umbreon and Gary...so effing cute! ;W;
6/3/2012 c3 EdeatheDemonFox
Another amazing chapter! w I also really enjoy the way you're ending them now, too. They hold more of a mysterious air to them. :3 And you're describing his therapy beautifully, too. It sucks seeing Gary depressed though. ;-;
6/3/2012 c2 EdeatheDemonFox
Goodness, this is even more amazing! Although it's still confusing with all the others like Freedom and Justice. XD Lol, will have to get used to that again. This one was even better as well! The part where Gary was hurting himself trying to remember...;-; so heart-wrenching but so well done!
6/3/2012 c1 EdeatheDemonFox
Oh my gosh, honey, it's been foreverrrrrrr! O And this HAS gotten better! Oh goodness, there was even more detail and it was so amazing! Just like the original one though, when I first read it, my heart started pounding. It was the same way with this. I had a spazz attack when I saw it. XD But it really is better. You've put more detail into it and Gary's nightmare was more frightening than before.
5/22/2012 c1 72Luna Silvereyes
Nice! It's even better! I loved this story and I can't wait to read it yet again! This time in publication! Yay, Luke! The awesomest badass ever!

Oh, and btw, for some reason, gmail stuck all your emails into spam. Soon as I get them sorted out, I'll reply to them.
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