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for Everything is Going to Be Okay

12/7/2012 c9 Unkown Stranger
Pretty good ! A little too fluff for me, but VERY well written.
9/29/2012 c9 fang
you know what i made a similar story like that ithink you could be a fumous writer!
6/13/2012 c9 ebo579
Everything went a little fast, but I like the idea of the story, is it over?
5/24/2012 c9 513LittleRed13
awe it's so sweet i love it and i hope that you will keep updating it and i don't mind the original names it makes it more realistic. and i cant wait until then. i just read this and it is adoreable
5/24/2012 c2 13LittleRed13
oh... she got kidnapped by creepers...
5/20/2012 c9 Keepmovingforward2
This is awesome! Love it!

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