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4/20 c45 NewsieFan
I know I'm way late, and you might not even be active anymore. But can I just say that I love this series. I've been reading fanfictions for a while now and this is just so beautifully written. I've never been more emotionally connected to a fanfic. :) I read the whole series in 5 days, when I was supposed to be doing homework. This series is amazing and I love the backstory you have put on all the Disney characters, as well as your original ones. You are a really great author and I hope one day you will get to publish a book!
4/30/2018 c45 9Mrs. Frodo Baggins
A beautiful series that I’ve finished after about 2 years and you got me cryin! I intensely enjoyed this and as I said before, you’ve inspired me to finish my newsies story I started so long ago. Thank you for this wonderful story and Al, a girl I think we can all look up to.
4/30/2018 c44 Mrs. Frodo Baggins
4/30/2018 c43 Mrs. Frodo Baggins
I’m crying, skittery losing it
4/30/2018 c42 Mrs. Frodo Baggins
Timothy Mayer Jacobs oh my lord I’m in love
4/30/2018 c42 Mrs. Frodo Baggins
4/27/2018 c35 Mrs. Frodo Baggins
I am about to go back and re-read this entire series when I am finished. It has renewed my love for Newsies and inspired me to finish my own Newsies story I started on here in 2012 (with major MAJOR edits of course.) Thank you for such a lovely story that continues to be a favorite among the fandom still! Much love.
11/26/2017 c7 Guest
I just love this image of Davey standing over Racetrack, unconsciously rubbing at his neck or with his hands on his hips trying to figure out how you deal with an unconscious man that's the same size as you and is allready broken. Thank you for that, it made my day :)
10/30/2017 c45 Guest
Don't know if u r ever gonna read this... But I just wanted to tell u how much I loved this trilogy! I've fallen in love with all these characters and I'm gonna miss reading about them!
7/24/2017 c45 74LJ9
I just finished reading this trilogy today and I have to congratulate you on your perseverance in completing such a major work. You did a great job, especially in developing Al, and I enjoyed reading all three stories. Thank you for writing them!
1/26/2017 c45 15Tmrpotterhead250
I was so glad when Genie and Race got together and I was betting on Jenna and Listener
This has been an awesome story and I absolutely fell in love with the whole thing
9/8/2016 c45 Pinkie
this is a bittersweet moment.

i came onto this website looking for some good Davey fanfiction, and stumbled across We Run The Papes. at first, i was hesitant to read it because i am super noncommittal when it comes to long fanfiction. Al's story drew me in at first word and i couldn't resurface until i was done. the fact that you first story had only a few OC's and ended with only a few non-OC's is mind boggling! your writing style is so fantastic and i am so ready to read whatever you have planned next. i have become so emotionally attached to these characters and i wish the story didn't have to end. but hey! that's the mark of an amazing author, right?

love the #1 Spot Conlon Fan,
9/6/2014 c45 27pselJacobs
Well, i finally got up the courage to read the last chapter. And as i read it, i almost started crying. I didnt start reading the series as soon as u started it. I think u were almost done with the second one when i found We Run the Papes. And i am so glad i found it. These stories have been my favorite newsies stories i have ever read and i love that i got to follow all the characters through major parts of their lives. The fact that i read as Al went from just Jack's little sister to a wife and mother astounds me. You are such a good writer and i am so happy that u wrote and shared these stories with us. I want u to know that im gonna be rereading these stories for a long time :)
7/16/2014 c1 1Light-Leckrereins
You are officially one of my favourite fanfiction writers

I've been reading the first two parts of this series for the last days and now I just cant stop
You have a really amazing talent to create characters that make one fall in love with them when you read about them
And now you made me cry with this chapter it was really sad to read about what had happened to maggie, but also right now I am dying with curiosity of what happened with the rest of the group in the last five years and with everyone that had left before how the world turns
I just want to tell you that you are a really amazing writer
7/14/2014 c45 2katersgonnak8
You and your writing are an inspiration. A job well done.
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