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for A Matter of Trust

7/23/2012 c14 Ealasaid Una
Al gonna tell David. Will we see Skittery and the newsies again? good chapter.
7/16/2012 c13 13natalieblack2
Poor Jenna. Ugh is it next Monday yet? This is seriously the only bright spot of my day. I love this story (have I said that before?). Anyway, do u have plans for another story after this? See you next week!
7/16/2012 c13 Ealasaid Una
good chapter. i like how you dividing the story between Jenna and Al. How is Al dealing with stuff? do we get to hear from Blink and mush again?
7/16/2012 c13 36woundedhearts
Finally we're getting somewhere with Jenna. I'm glad she was able to open up to Listener, if even a little bit. Her aunt and uncle live near the city? I must have missed that before because i was under the impression they lived in Pennsylvania and that's why she left. This changes things, this means that they're still a threat and Jenna needs as much protection as AL and Racetrack. Maybe even more. I hope that won't be the case, but maybe in the long run it will give her some closure if she confronts her uncle face to face. With someone with her of course. I'd still like to know what beef the brooklyn boys have with her. I guess i'll find out soon enough.

As too Race and Al, aww sibling affection. Always a nice treat. Lets just hope their fighting doesn't end up in bloodshed. LOL! :)

Poor Listener and all the newsies - they seem to all have really hard pasts and its not fair for a child to experience that. They should be protected and sheltered from such things. Sad - very sad!
7/16/2012 c13 Guest
Nice chapter and I hope that you get that job! Congrats! :-D
7/10/2012 c12 Guest
aww that was cute. I enjoyed that chapter very much.
7/9/2012 c12 Ealasaid Una
you said Al learn to cook from Sarah, David, and Logan's mother. Shouldn't be Les. keep up the good work.
7/9/2012 c12 Woundedhearts
What the heck is brooklyn's problem. I have to wonder if something happened to make them so angry that they would cause so much trouble. Eitherway i hate them. Where is Spot when you need him. Its a shame he moved because i think he would have knocked a few heads together and the newsboys would have been better for it.

Now Race...Race...Race...Race. What was he thinking. I love him and all, but gambling with a known gang member espeically one from such a dangerous sec is a idiotic move. He needs to remain where he is and stay safe. I think the Delancey brothers already know where David and Al live so i'm not too sure they aren't buying their time. Where is Jack, he'd have a few things to say and a few ideas to add to the table. (I'm also curious about this surprise) But the main thing is keeping Race and the others safe.

Another thing. I love how the manhattan newsboys have rallied around keeping their "family" safe and protected. But speaking logically they are just kids and these people are dangerous from what my research shows. Then again, what would they hope to gain from hurting a bunch of children. I would hope they wouldn't try and go that far, even if they are in a hurry to catch up with Race who by all accounts is no longer a kid and can take care of himself. (I'm going to say it again - I wish Jack were back.)

Speaking of...Is there a possible happy reunion between Jack and Sarah in the near future? (I know, I know, one track mind) :)

As for Listener in this chapter i felt so bad for him. He was trying so hard to make Jenna feel better. I think a lot of it stems from her abuse and in a case like that, intimacy with anyone else, is not an easy thing. Its possible she said no to one of the members of the newies and in doing so pissed them off and has gained an unfair reputation in Brooklyn. She needs to be honest about her past and try and open herself up to any help that the others are able to give. That way maybe she can move on and learn to be happy with Runner/Les/Listener...or whomever.

Poor David and Al, between worrying about the baby and Race and Jenna and Genie and everything else going on, they are not having a good experience with their first pregnancy. I just hope all this stress and specifically the nightmares stop and Al is able to give birth to a healty baby.

Okay on that note - i'm glad all is better with you. I'll try to keep up on my reviews but its been difficult with my work schedule. But that being said, i do keep up on the chapters and wait eagerly for a new update each week.

Until next time! :)
7/9/2012 c12 13natalieblack2
Yay Listener! I love him. :) What ever happened to Spot? I don't think I heard why he's not in the story. Great chapter. :D
7/7/2012 c1 Guest
Sorry got cut off on my bellow review

As I was saying will other Bessie like spot or crutchy be in the story? I would like to see them again.

Finally are you taking suggestions for baby names. If so I have two ideas. For a boy how about John Patrick. John because on some Bessie website I read that crutchy's real name was John and spot's real name was Patrick. For a girl Catherine meddaline. Catherine because it sounds like it could be jack and al's mothers name and meddaline for Medea.

This story is really good please update soon.

From your biggest fan
Jill kelly
7/7/2012 c1 Guest
Hey this story is really amazing. I love this entire series. There are so few stories with David as the love intrest.

I cant wait to see jacks reaction to all that going on. No doubt he is gonna go into overprotective mode. In an authors note or on your profile can yo gives a little hint or poll on what it is or what we think jacks surprise will be.

Are the newsies
7/7/2012 c11 17autumnamberleaves
Aww I liked the dialog with Race and Al. It was so cute. As to Salamander, he was mentioned in "We Run the Papes" in chapter 15, Nightmare.

"Al found herself bunking with Jack since her bed was being occupied by Salamander, a twelve year old boy who'd been stabbed in the shoulder. He was one of the street kids who didn't have a home or a lodging house. She was more than happy to give up her bed for him to recover. She drifted off to sleep, head under her pillow, and her brother's arm over her stomach."
7/7/2012 c11 Ealasaid Una
good Chapter. How is Skittery taking the news? Hopefully Race can help Al. I love the plan that Runner had. Salamander first a appeared in "We Run the Papes"; Chapter 15.
7/7/2012 c11 13natalieblack2
Poor Race! Maybe if he gets out of that mess, Genie will give him a chance. I know Salamander was in How The World Turns but I can't remember what chapter. I'm gonna guess 5th.
7/2/2012 c10 Guest
Rachel here! For some reason the new review won't let me post my name. WHEW! Great chapter! I really enjoyed it... They're in so much danger! I can't wait to know what happens next!
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