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for Gatumusikanten

11/20/2015 c2 Guest
Gillade jag den? Jag älskade den! Du skrev jättebra. Jag hoppas du skriver mer! :D
5/22/2012 c1 Finlandpjke
Hi! I'm from Finland and I can read a bit Swedish, which is why I tried to read thia ficcie of yours :). Unfoetunately, I was just provwn that my Swedish skills aren't near enough to understand the most of this story. However, what I managed to figure out was something very nice and sweet and I can't wait to learn more Swedish just so I could read this damn thing and understand at least the half of it XD. So, I'm going to put this story in my favorites (when I'm not too lazy to log in) so I can hopefully read this in future. I hope you get more reviews for this thing: it's nice to read SOME SebbyxCiel without too much you-know-what :D.

Anyways... This was a quite silly review since I couldn't really even understand your fic but... I hope you'll write more :).

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