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5/3/2022 c42 yochan123
i hope you're doing better now!
4/18/2022 c5 1Pinkypi
They also have slightly different backgrounds here. In canon Akashi is the rich heir of a business couple. Here it can only be assumed that his father was a regular worker otherwise he wouldn't be with his mother who owns a restaurant only. Unless his father had a mistress and another child then I guess he wouldn't care about letting Akashi go. Akashi cracking under pressure when the others started to out strip him and his being raised as someone who shall not lose ever. Here he can crack under the pressure of his parents separating and the fear of losing the Basketball he loves. With his nice temperament coming from the fact that Tamaki is basically his precious sister that the others are also far more fond of and all rise in defense of. Where as in canon after middle school they had nothing keeping them together. Here even if basketball is fractured at the moment they are all held together in an easier friendship due to her presence.
4/8/2022 c42 PigeonBloodRuby
Hello Author!

Thank God you've updated! even though its not an story update am still glad that you're still here. You're one of my favorite authors in and I love all of your stories 3

Please do continue on writing stories. Your readers are all here waiting for your updates :)

God bless you, Author! Stay healthy and keep safe... always~
1/11/2022 c1 namoralliv
1/11/2022 c1 namoralliv
update ple
10/30/2021 c42 skullcrusha060086
I hope you come back to this eventually. This was a really good read.
10/19/2021 c40 ilovefiction
I loved it!
7/27/2021 c41 sweet-Lia
PLEASE UPDATE :)... its soooo long :(
1/23/2021 c42 Dragonking871
Aomine x Tamaki
1/18/2021 c42 Meru x Ichiya
Hope you feel better soon and recover found everything. 2020 is very hard year and still is at the moment for many of us. Hope to see you update this story soon. I really enjoy and like this fanfic :) best wishes to you!
1/17/2021 c42 ninjagirlforlife
please keep writing this story! it has been wonderful this far and I would love to see how it continues to develop.
1/12/2021 c42 ririn23
hi! i really like your book so please update
1/4/2021 c42 6VeronicaChase
Oh no :( I hope you recover like some people do. Even though I’m not religious I’ll ask my mom and sister to pray for you
1/4/2021 c41 alerion baskerville
please write more , anything and i love all of ur story btw . keep on writing ! you are very talented also this is my number 1 KnB fanfic
12/31/2020 c27 angela340278
Nice drama
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