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for The Rebel Kind

8/17/2020 c1 2elephantwalks
it’s been a month and this story is still on my mind! I hope you return to writing because you have a gift.
7/9/2020 c17 elephantwalks
this was fantastic! so happy i found this gem !
7/24/2018 c12 Guest
it's so boring.
1/28/2018 c1 aspiringgeek
Oh my lord this is an incredible fanfic *claps and throws roses onto the stage... roses? get it? ;p* i love all these characters (except hans of course but thats a given) and i mostly love the character development, theyre all so interesting. Finallythat last page about the sequel, that cracked me up haha
11/23/2017 c16 Guest
That's a nice story...rose found herself amidst that high school drama and that's the biggest accomplishment a person can have and Dimitri was incredibly supportive of was sweet of him...and thanks for writing this story. You're a great author and I hope you write more stories in the future...
10/9/2017 c17 Valya 001
I loved this story. It was so amazing and so sweet.
5/22/2017 c17 2cloclovilla
omg my heart skipped. best when I read Dimitri died. it's such a bad joke! I was about to have a heart attack
5/22/2017 c16 cloclovilla
this was a beautiful story. I wish I had read that when I was younger and I think you cover the subject most teenage girls struggle with, fitting in. it really was I spiring!
3/31/2017 c11 pipigrin 2
You did a fantastic job on this chapter it came out excellent
3/31/2017 c8 pipigrin 2
She rock bottom and vulnerable now...only place to go is up!
3/31/2017 c7 pipigrin 2
Love comes from within trust.
2/18/2017 c1 ColorMeTris
So well written! I really love what you did with the characters and I love how you didn't rush into anything right away. I recommencement this story to everyone! Meredith is such a cutie!
12/1/2016 c4 amna jah
you are eating up words and it is seriously frustrating. though i have to admit so far the story is amazing and intriguing
6/13/2016 c17 evolleyball264
Omg this is a great story! But the last part I have the sequel up and Dimitri dies in it the jk I almost cried and then I laughed so hard I cried.
3/10/2016 c16 2hbarker
Excellent story and very well written. Highly recommend.
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