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for A Changed life

7/1/2014 c2 3coincidenced
I like the story so far! Just a tip, try not to change POV's in the middle of paragraphs and space out your paragraphs more. It makes it hard to read when all the text is bunched together like that. Other than that, the story is very intriguing! .
6/18/2013 c3 7Indyctator
Finally got time to read! I read chap1 weeks ago at work but didnt get the chance to read the other chaps!
Please tell me youre going to continue!
I like the siblings, their relationship and i already adore what you did with Luce and Fon!
The only critics i'll make are that your sentences are sometimes a bit long and i lose track (but maybe its because im not a native speaker!). The other thing is that you switch from a third to a first person narrative and its a bit confusing! Thats it!
I hope you didnt give up on that fic, id like to read more!
5/29/2013 c3 7Pixiecropse
I love it the plot is brilliant please continue I can't eat till the next chapter

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