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for An Independence Hymn

5/29/2015 c7 4Nolesr1
I loved this entire story. Please continue being this awesome!
6/12/2014 c7 Berryberry
He better not die in the future. :(
Good story
3/18/2013 c7 rhj
It won't end like before, right? Pls tell me America won't die in the future!
Though it's happy ending, but I'm still feeling sad for the possibility of Al's death…
anyway, good story
12/21/2012 c7 27pikaace
*applause* AMAZING! This was such a treat to read! Even though its not exactly Christmas themed I'm glad I read it as a winter treat! One of the best adaptions I've read! Keep up the good work!
12/15/2012 c7 hetaliausuklover
Dude I loved this! At the end when you mentioned Charles Dickens I was like 'Agh I know that name!' Then I realized 'Oh we're playing 'A Dickens Christmas Carol Suite' in orchestra and I look at the name everyday xD Anyways great fic!
8/27/2012 c7 7Dolly Doodle
This was AWESOME!
I fell in love with this story when you brought in Rome. I fell in love with you when you brought in Prussia. Plus all if that UsUk-ness made-a my heart Yay!
You're my new favorite, so let us seal this new found friendship with a virtual hug!
7/10/2012 c4 6xxDangerousPiexx
This was so sad. I was crying. Defiantly one of the best Fanfictions I've ever read.
7/4/2012 c7 2jagaimo-chan
d'awww *w*
So cute And now I kind of wanna watch "A Christmas Carol". What did you do to me? I'm in an all Christmassy mood now D
Anyway awesome story, really :D /I hope the future will change, though QwQ you made me cry there/
7/4/2012 c7 Barefoot-in-221B
Oh. My. God. That was AMAZING!

I really loved the ending - it was perfect. Funny, sweet, and glouriously NOT cliché. You could've just stopped with the kiss, but you didn't and I will love you forever for that.

Chapter 6 honestly made me cry, but this balenced it perfectly. Lovely job. I really should've reviewed before... *looks away guiltily* I've been reading this for a while actually... heh... /SHAME/

Oh, yes. Nice touch ending it today (the 4th _) It is appreciated! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Peace, love, and liquorice Maple-chann
7/4/2012 c7 23spiderwriters
Nice. I loved how this ended on the 4th. Well written.
7/4/2012 c7 891RedRoses
I am not a fan of Charles Dickens, but I did really like this story. It was fun and well-written. Please continue to write! You have a great imagination and a great grasp of words.
7/4/2012 c7 19Ayumu smile
Love it! It was so sweet and awesome! Though, i hope that end doesn't come. Are you gonna be doing a oneshot sequel to this? (hopeful eyes)
7/4/2012 c7 Guest
Wow this story is amazing. I loved England shouting out what the dickens at the begining. I thought it was a great homage to Charles Dickens. The nations you chose were excellent as the ghosts. I liked Japan's observation that with America's strength he could have forced England to stay. I liked Franklin's conversation about the difference between the nation and his people. The Civil War scene was sad. I cried during the future scene. Prussia was awesome. I liked the ending with all the parent nations discussing the soon to happen sex. well done. mofalle
7/4/2012 c7 2melohead
7/4/2012 c7 4NanaMii148
AWWW! That's so cute, so adorable!

And France ruined everything -n- Damn frog. I'm ashamed of my country!

But anyway! I love Britannia and Native America, haha! They're so funny! That's how my friends picture me and my bestfriend when we'd be mothers! Talking about our son's sex life with another man, haha!

I loved it! :D And you ended it just in time for America's birthday ;P Me gusta
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