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2/16 c15 5OracleGuessMe
okay i liked the idea and you have a hand for bickering you did a great job.
2/16 c6 OracleGuessMe
i love this but harveys hand is just in one moment fine again and rachel is non existent... well still good to read
11/14/2019 c15 22she.a.punk
I was kind of trepedatious of how you would end this, but the ending was actually perfect. Mike not wanting to work in the bullpen and Harvey understanding that without him having to say it...that was really good. Spoke volumes.

Really good fic.

11/14/2019 c14 she.a.punk
Aww, they're working through it and Louis...poor Louis. I can't believe there's only one more!

11/14/2019 c13 she.a.punk
Ha, I like Lucas. He had really good advice for Harvey. I'm starting to get concerned about Mike though. I understand why Donna is mostly okay, and we all know Harvey isn't, but Mike? I'm starting to get worried about that boy's mental health.

11/14/2019 c12 she.a.punk
Man, everything is just boiling like right below the surface. BUt...how do you come back from something like this? How do you go back to that place? So crazy. I'm looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.

11/14/2019 c11 she.a.punk
THe kiss. Unnnngghh.. There was something so intimate and quiet about this scene. I imagined every word being whispered...what is it about the dark that makes us be so honest? God that was beautiful.

And you said there wouldn't be time for romance. Pishaww.

11/14/2019 c10 she.a.punk
Hi! It's me! Back to finish reading this fic like 7 years later. I really am loving the way you're crafting the relationship between these characters. The way all their emotional walls are kind of a mess and they're just trying to keep going. I'm looking forward to seeing what Angst lies before us!

3/9/2015 c5 Guest
What happened to Harvey's hand? When you had him saving Mike his hand got injured by the gun, but after that it was fine. Did you forget about it?
2/5/2015 c5 1marthapreston4
the public arena comments are a litttle wierd they were just shot at public appearance be damned
2/5/2015 c2 marthapreston4
Holy crap on a cracker you had me when harvey went for donna and mike but that ending there means I have to keep reading
12/16/2014 c15 17weemcg33
I really loved this, so well written and I think you captured all the characters really well. Especially given the circumstances.
8/28/2014 c15 1katesari
Real good! Enjoyed reading, even though the subject was of a less enjoyable nature!
But like I said very good, well written too. Going to check out other stories of yours this weekend.
5/27/2014 c15 wotumba1
great story, loved it!
5/27/2014 c12 wotumba1
they need to work through their trauma first. so maybe yes, going back to work then will likely be too soon...
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