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for The Name's Not Reid, It's Teller

4/21/2022 c4 Hexe-Kira
Please continue
9/10/2019 c4 Guest
Plz update
12/12/2018 c4 Faithfan2000
Please continue this story
5/12/2018 c4 PrinceLotor
This is really intriguing. It left me wondering what might happen next now that Stahl’s in the picture. I know it’s been a long while but I hope you decide to continue it someday.
9/20/2016 c1 25Arantxa2020
Just wondering if you have any plans of updating this story.
9/2/2016 c4 2decadenceofmysoul
Awesome story so far!
10/7/2014 c3 lillisa34
please update soon I want to see where this goes
9/10/2014 c4 cyclones
Please update soon!
7/30/2014 c4 2reidxxfangirlxx88
please write more...this is soooooooooo good i love it
5/18/2014 c4 1BornScreaming
Loving this. Looking forward to Reid profiling the hell out of Stahl. Not sure which way Reid will go but looking forward to it.
5/6/2014 c4 25Arantxa2020
I hope you continue with this
2/1/2014 c4 Guest
Interesting plot idea, can turn out great if you stay true to the characters. I would have made Reid Jax's half-brother instead but thats just me. Good luck, I will absolutely follow this story.
9/16/2013 c4 Juceyjessjess
Glad you havent quit the story I really enjoy reading it
9/16/2013 c4 lillisa34
cant wait for more please keep updating
9/7/2013 c3 harrypotterlover
Please update this story. It is amazing.
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