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for 2 Once Taught Me A Song

8/5/2013 c1 38Aoki Aoi 16
I don't know what to say. Sad, I guess
12/6/2012 c1 5Tsuki-the-moon
true true...
the burial soundtrack of the movie was so touching as they said goodbye to 2 D:
5/24/2012 c1 29Qille
I know I read this on DA, but it still brings a tear to my eye. 2's death was definitely the most emotional for the others, especially since it was the first... (
5/24/2012 c1 314SpiralTree
:( That. Is. So. Emotional. Yet. Still. So. Amazing. Awwwww :( poor guy. Why does such a sweet stitchpunk get killed by the machine. And first? I know that's how the story goes (and that film is AMAZING don't get me wrong) but awwwww 2 :( Anyways, B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T story 13! Well done! ;D straight on the favourites list :)

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