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for Comfort for the Rain

6/17/2012 c1 5nyatto
This is a very cute story! I really like how there was a lack of dialogue compared to most oneshots; it gives more of an emphasis on their feelings and the mood (not talking about the dialogue near the end ofc.)

Due to some typos I've noticed in the fic, I have reason to believe that you didn't proofread this before you uploaded it. I saw things like "food frame" (I think you meant "wood frame"?) and "the black color loving over " (maybe you mean "hovering"?). They can really confuse someone, so I think proofreading it over once would prove good!

Other than that, a very cute and lovely fic. c: Keep up the wonderful work!
5/25/2012 c1 54Tailsdoll123
Loved it!

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