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for Emily and Trellis

9/3/2017 c6 commanderbog
Wow, that was intense. I liked the story and the Trellis fluff.
5/8/2017 c6 Guest
come on already!Make a new chapter animegirlZ.09!This one was good
12/5/2016 c6 Guest
Please continue
3/31/2016 c6 Jen
Please create more as soon as possible
3/27/2016 c6 Jen
When will you create the next one
10/22/2015 c6 KOOKIEGIRL
9/2/2015 c6 Guest
Please update! I'm starting to like this story :)
4/6/2015 c6 gomezmel001
did you discontinue this story because I want to read more
9/30/2014 c6 allycat201410
do more,i whant to read what happens next!
8/30/2014 c6 Guest
This was great I hope the author reds and thinks it's a good idea
5/14/2014 c6 Guest
4/27/2014 c2 111Heroes Fly-Minho's Hero Limps
Ha! I love how he just dropped her after the stones spoke. That was great :)
11/23/2013 c3 PokeNinjaLover
LIES! Emily can swim...She swam in book 4, remember?
10/18/2013 c6 Guest
noooooooooooo! this can not be the ennnnddd! please continue! ifyoudonotIwilldieofceriosity! ghjujdgskdydfmiph! :P (going completely dopey)
7/26/2013 c6 4Theneysayer
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