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for I traded in my wings for everything freedom brings

11/9/2012 c1 5Emmrys
to stop.
Why doesn't this have more reviews? JFC.

Let me just say that I am confident in my theory that if FFN wasn't as dead as it has been for like, the past year and a half, this would have infinitely more reviews. God knows it deserves it, and I say this honestly. Not only are you a lovely writer as it is (I love your syntax), but you actually grasped Cas's character really well. c: Keep writing, gorgeous.
5/26/2012 c1 4LookWithinYourself
Wow, that was awsome! So abstract it made you think and I love it! Your writing is incredible and honestly, I kind of got teary eyed just as the underlining emotion you portrayed so well. Such a beautiful piece of writing. Quick question though, is this a story or simply a one shot? If its a story I cant wait for the next chapter, I shall read it over and over again! Thanks for writing *salutes* :)

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