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for The Su Series

5/27/2018 c2 Ishiah Mae Torres
Aww... So Kawaii desu~
3/23/2014 c3 Guest
11/29/2013 c3 Hinamori Amy
Ah continue this stories awesome!
1/16/2013 c3 xXDemonKingXx
Awesome. (But how old is she? o-e)
7/8/2012 c3 2kikigirl4321
please write more please please please please please please please please! i really want you toooooooo

and i love it!
7/8/2012 c1 kikigirl4321
omg i love you for making this story ive been trying to get people to write more stoires about su!
6/28/2012 c3 CLOSED000432134
Aw, it was a cute chapter :)
6/5/2012 c1 CLOSED000432134
Aw, how cute! I like Suukaidou. I'm interested to see what stories you'll write for this pairing next :)
5/26/2012 c1 Wonderland-REMIX
Please continue! It's very rare that I find a SuuKaidou story, but I have and I love this one, it's so cute! :3

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