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for Lelouch's Boredom

1/12/2019 c2 8Faeyre
Oooh looking forward to chapter 3! :D
4/10/2018 c2 2PoofyOhio
So this is a dead story I assume, but I enjoyed the two chapters
11/24/2016 c2 8prjones339
So, what happened to the two days?
10/17/2016 c2 3Reishin Amara
lol...just imagined...

Imagine this same scenario..but they arrive just in time to see alderan...Suzaku says 'Huh..looks nice'...Then the deathstar looking like a moon blows it up and everyone on the bridge,including the geassed men turn to stare at him
5/15/2016 c2 buzz
if lelouch meets me emperor i am sary what no no no no
5/15/2016 c2 buzz
this is a good story and i may have a oc to put next chapter
4/27/2016 c2 Shadow of a Memory
I'm under the impression that the Code itself, the mark on her forehead, is indestructible and the source from which C.C. would regenerate were something to happen to her
11/5/2015 c2 Grey-Summoner
This is an interesting story idea post more soon!
2/5/2015 c2 1Dolphinsplash12
I love this story! I see that it hasnt been updated in a while, butit's a really good ideaand I hope you choose to continue it! I cant wait to read more!
12/23/2013 c2 2Kitty Qin
I just found this story and even with just two chapters, I love it already! Personally, I think that if C.C. were blown up or caught in a F.L.E.I.J.A. blast, she would still regenerate. I'm not sure what you mean when you say, "with no part of her body left to regenerate." Her entire body's gone, she needs to regenerate all of it. I really don't see any difference between C.C. regenerating an arm and her regenerating everything (except possibly a time difference).
Anyway, please, please update! It's been over a year and there aren't nearly enough CG/SW crossovers, much less ones as good as yours!
7/29/2012 c2 17Nocturnea
lelouch is soooo cute!
7/11/2012 c2 mk
hope you star making the next chapter soon
7/8/2012 c1 Nocturnea
LOL at C.C.'s quip suggesting that she thought Lelou-chan had gone insane. Please keep writing this, it's really good and somewhat funny. :) And if it's ok, i might pm you an OC.
6/12/2012 c2 Quixoticcool
An interesting concept for a story I'm glad that someone thought to do a Star Wars crossover that didn't start out with someone from Star Wars interfering on the planet of the crossed over series. You could like most fanfiction authors use some work when it comes to grammar and especially characterization but even so early on it's tolerable and I'm sure it will improve. With regards to your immortality conundrum at the AN on the top of the page you can simply cite conservation of mass and say the disparate particles C.C. or Lelouch was blown into reformed over time. Overall good work so far and make sure to keep at it!
6/1/2012 c2 Zelouch vi Lamprouge
Well, i'm finally reviewing. I ment to review when this first came out but i got lazy (again).

Now on with the actual review.

First off i would like to say that this is a wonderful idea for a fic and i like where it seems to be headed. I also like your portrayal of Lelouch (even if he is a little OOC), the thought of Lelouch trying to conquer the worl...er...galaxy for no reason other than him being bored is very amusing to me, than again, Lelouch's conquest of anything would.

Now about the imortality thing. I would think that if their body got completely destroyed they'd wake up in the "world of C" and have to exit through one of the "gates".

I have a question about livezaku's imortality, is he completely imortal (can't be killed and doesn't age) or just unageing?

Finally, i'd like to make a request, please put Kallen in this (there are plenty of ways to explain why she's alive like criostasus, cloning or the LIVE command/imortality) so Lelouch will have someone to pilot the gerren and possibly be his galactic emperiss (one of them anyway). Speaking of which is there going to be any parings in this?

I have my money on the bored imortal genius. XD

ps. Nice work on the edit of the first chap. :)

pps.(or is it pss.) this is my longest review ever.

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