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for Forever and Always

10/27/2013 c1 Guest
Since they are in a hospital, she should have his sperm collected and fertilized so she can have her baby.
7/9/2013 c1 CaliAce17
god damn that was good
3/10/2013 c1 13Sitting Ducki
So sad but at least Ziva became Mrs. Tony DiNozzo before he died.
3/8/2013 c1 BingQing
*dabs my eyes* I should have read this while I WASN'T at work
7/10/2012 c1 prince-bishop
Damn it you know how to make a grown man cry, this story was so beautiful yes I'm a big Tiva fan, I feel so sorry for Ziva her true love has gone, there will be a day when they will be reunited and they will be together for ever and ever
6/24/2012 c1 11burningbridges97
i am crying right now! that was beautiful! i want to hate it because he died but i CAN'T because it's all to beautiful and adorable and... gah... i love it! keep up the great writing!
6/19/2012 c1 3livyisnotfromtheshire
*sniff* I will not cry! I WILL NOT CRY!
6/18/2012 c1 18HazelHPwiz
Amazing. Heartbreaking. Great job, I gotta go before I lose it and start sobbing all over my keyboard. :(
5/29/2012 c1 jp
a truly genius tragedy
5/28/2012 c1 Daisy
I also never heard this song...very touching story!
5/28/2012 c1 1conservativegirl
Sooo sad :'( but good
5/26/2012 c1 4Cranjis McBasketball II
So sad! But I love it! :D
5/26/2012 c1 tiva kissing in a tree
Very sweet and touching but for some reason I can't cry. Which is weird considering I always cry at stories where the main characters die. It's a great story though.
5/26/2012 c1 Mizz Awesome
*starts crying* that.was.beautiful. I LOVED THIS! It was sweet and sad all at the same time. Gahhhh! Thanks for making me cry! *brings knees to chest and starts rocking back and forth*
5/26/2012 c1 ILuvPelicans
That was sad and sweet all at the same time!
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