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for The Time Traveler and the Queen

10/19/2012 c9 thunder18
Great chapter Update soon
10/19/2012 c9 Jostanos

Where did Harry end up this time? Back at Hogwarts? With Aslan? Back in the graveyard?

With you, me, and Julio down by the schoolyard? (Paul Simon Song reference)
10/19/2012 c9 CarlyLynn
Excellent chapters 1-9. I love it. Please do continue. I look forward to the next chapter.
10/19/2012 c9 gaul1
twas a good chapter, wonders what went wrong, and what happened to harry, keep up the good work, byes
10/19/2012 c9 10Darklight-phoenix
Harry will survive. I know he will
10/19/2012 c9 Guest
update more often buddy...i really like ur story...
10/19/2012 c9 BeckyBoo12221
It was a fine length and I really enjoyed it. It was written really well and was really interesting, well keep it up and have fun, Bye,
10/19/2012 c9 BioHazard82
Another good chapter.
10/18/2012 c9 22edboy4926
Good chapter.
10/18/2012 c9 READER51
This was great.
10/18/2012 c9 3doctor-b1993
An amazing chap, can't wait to find out what has happened to Harry! Please update soon :D
10/10/2012 c8 gaul1
Good chapter , byes
9/16/2012 c8 2mwinter1
Awaiting more.
9/6/2012 c8 1ToshimiOkami
Not bad, looking forward to reading more!
9/3/2012 c8 2Mistra Rose
Interesting turn of events. I really hope that there is not as many lives lost as there was in the movie. I always hated that part because of Peter being stuborn.

Update soon and Lucy needs to watch her mouth.
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