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3/15/2014 c1 SeleenaMarieDragonMistress
The US government in all their wisdom has come up with a law called Stop Online Piracy Acts (SOPA). It’s basically a blanket law to stop ALL forms of online piracy including fan fiction, fan art, and fan videos! So they punish those that they want to punish. BUT they also punish all of us who express our creativity through writing, drawing, and recording around something that may not belong to us, but that we LOVE. There is a Petition on WE the People that ends on the 19th of March that needs 100,000 signatures. So far we have 53,014.
If you want to sign, go to:
2/23/2014 c5 Free Siri
You've been spelling it wrong. It's Tumnus. It's getting annoying.
1/26/2014 c15 Guest
Where to I find part 2? Can you add it to the description or the final chapter? It'll make it much easier for all your readers to find. And by the way, i love this story, you've kept me hooked the entire time, I read it in 2 days ((:
7/18/2013 c4 lilyginnyrose
why doesn't harry use magic. He has his wand right?
5/12/2013 c14 Gracealma
I love that Lucy went with Harry. That is true love.
4/17/2013 c14 5VanillaDreamFran
This was a great fic! Onto the sequel!
4/6/2013 c1 22PhoenixSong2013
I read this ages ago, and forgot to favourite it, so I've done it now.
Yep, I like this story and can't wait until you post the second chapter of the sequel.
4/3/2013 c15 4meriland25
What an unique and interesting fic! I love the pairing, and the fic, wonderful!
4/2/2013 c15 13Serpent91
Well written! I got tears in my eyes telling me you did very well with portraying emotions!
4/1/2013 c14 5RogueNya
Oh did not know that about the actor that played Vernon, that is rather sad...

Anyways Wow this is an awesome story, cannot wait to read the next part of this series
3/31/2013 c15 Jostanos
Ah.. But I did know, and I am reading it. :)
3/31/2013 c14 ElementalMaster16
Nice short little chapter! You could probably have placed it as the begin of the sequel as well. It's been great so far and i'm going straight on to the sequel (_)
3/31/2013 c14 3Alphathewolf
I sat around reading and reading and watching the slow creation of this story wondering, what's going to happen, what's going to change, how is Harry's involvement going to change everything and the simple fact was, it changed everything. I also love the slight nod to the fact that if things had gone normally then Peter, Lucy and Edmund would be dead after 5 years. I also find it curious how Edmund and Lucy will fit in with the Wizarding society as now we change the stories being crossed over. Now instead of a Harry Potter crossing over into Narnia into Narnia crossing over into Harry Potter.

You've done a brilliant job setting up this plot and executing it to a degree I didn't think quite possible. And on the bonus side you finished, a rare feat for Narnia fan fiction writers it seems.

I will stand on the sideline and enjoy the sequel.

I wish I had something more in depth to say, to critique it and give you a harder review but sadly for me I don't have anything to nit pick about that could plausibly be fixed. The story is good as is and the future looks just as bright.
3/31/2013 c14 3VERA VIV
Lovely conclusion. Please post on this story when you post your sequel. Thanks!
3/31/2013 c14 3CrayolaCreation
So sweet! Is there going to be a sequel?
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