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5/14/2018 c4 15The Ghostly Minion
First of course is that H&H admit feelings and Harry asks her parents permission to marry her!

For Ron to be a Death Eater is often a fun trope and works here. My guess is he'll figure in the denouement.

I really like the Rite of Ascension. It is nice to see force Kronos complete. A fun twist to have Luna with a US boyfriend. Funny that his name is Gene (LOL). This makes me think that Neville and Ginny will end up together, but I maybe wrong.

Good to see things moving apace.

5/14/2018 c3 The Ghostly Minion
I like the way things are progressing. Clearly, putting Ron in his place has only begun. Adding Neville and Luna to the mix can only help. Ginny's injuries won't go unremarked.

The scene of their training was well done. I wasn't surprized by Minerva and Moody's reactions. Asking Moody to help them build up tolorence to the two Unforgivables is a fine touch.

Of course H&H are in love! It was foreshadowed in the first chapter and is a logical development. Only questions are if they know it and when they are willing to share and act on that knowledge.

5/14/2018 c2 The Ghostly Minion
Harry has his 'Ah Ha' moment. Good that he'll train with Hermione.

5/14/2018 c1 The Ghostly Minion
A fun start. Best thing here is the reconciliation of Harry and Hrrmione. Nice to see Moody and Lupin running interference for Harry. I think I read this in part, a while ago and look forward to the reread.

4/27/2018 c7 SeleneBoxer
Absolutely amazing! You did a great job making what you called a "crossunder"
3/12/2018 c7 1clover cat Klee
This is a nice idea, having Harry be inspired by muggle fiction. It was nicely written, not any longer than it had to be. I especially liked the positive image of the goblims
1/4/2018 c7 BMS
A good story though parts felt kind of rushed.
It kind of makes me wonder what would change if Harry had discovered ST: TNG before going to Hogwarts. It debuted in 1987 after all.
1/4/2018 c2 BMS
Cattle prods would work too.
10/7/2017 c7 2Quicksilver2011
Loved the story and especially the 'your mother has a smooth forehead' insult. Only you left out the other half! "Your father was a tribble!"
7/29/2017 c7 RobC
This was a fun read, thanks!
5/5/2017 c7 DragonTamer01
Great story, but I've honestly never been a huge Star Trek fan. I'd choose being a Jedi over being a Klingon any day of the year.
1/24/2017 c7 Ariadne Venegas
I really love it and I apreciate uour effort!

Now we need some Vulcans and the work is done (the Vulcan are for rebuilt and diplomacy also they are a race of warriors templed in control, sometimes tooo much as their only almost fatally outlet is the pon farr.
11/25/2016 c7 1WBH21C
So very well done!
11/7/2016 c7 MAHA1959
hello, I had fun reading this story. now I want to learn the Klingon language (lol). Thank you and see you the next fic
10/31/2016 c7 taxzombie
A solid and well crafted tale. Interesting from the start, never dull. While there is not a great deal to it, I don't feel that is a negative at all. It had good flow and is one that I will certainly be revisiting at a future date.

Well done and thank you for sharing it.
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