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6/9/2016 c7 1MrBogus
Yes, this was a rather small story, but in this particular story, the small wordaccount wasnt that much of a K.o. thingy like normally.

I loved your story. Its small, yes, but funny and, sorry to say, totally crazy. I doubt, you could put much more chapters than the 7 into it at all.

Well done :)
5/20/2016 c7 anotherboarduser
Thanks for writing this story, I enjoyed reading it.
5/14/2016 c7 8loving-reader-and-writer
Nice. I like how you slipped in how Harry was great with the Goblins and that they respected him and Hermione and how they fought without making it a huge plot point.
5/10/2016 c7 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
A really fun to read story with a proven battle tactic that supplied the needed edge to win the war. Thanks for sharing!
5/7/2016 c7 TeresaLynne
Many thanks for posting this! I loved seeing how the group took out Voldy and his bunch! :)
4/29/2016 c7 2Penny is wise
Awesome ending to an awesome story. I'm glad you finally finished it.
4/29/2016 c7 4shadowed warrior
When I came across this and read the description I was fairly sure it was going to be awful, but like watching car accidents and train wrecks I couldn't NOT look. I am so glad I did. This ended up being a great story all in all.

The only big criticism that I have is the timeline for Harry and company becoming such proficient warriors and learning Klingon. Learning Klingon, that could possibly happen that quickly if all of them were extremely good, but getting into battle shape, becoming expert martial artists, fighters and duellists all in less than a year and while attending school for part of that time doesn't work.
If you had extended the training time by at least two years, even if it was by McGonagall giving them the time turner back so they could effectively train for longer without external time passing then it would be perfect.
4/28/2016 c7 36Jonn Wolfe
muDechbej! pa' latlh wIruchqangbej.

This was brilliantly executed, without turning it into a farce. A definite favourite!

4/26/2016 c7 stoopid dawg
Thank you so much! I loved the concept from the first chapter and you've never disappointed through the ending!
4/25/2016 c7 Cateagle
Good ending, and entirely fitting for Tom. I daresay a lot of them did not appreciate the threat those five represented, even after the evidence of Diagon Alley and the Ministry. It should be fascinating to see where they go from there and how magical Britain changes in the aftermath.
4/24/2016 c7 Cullyn the dwarf
Very funny. I enjoyed this alot
4/23/2016 c7 9tumshie
A wonderful story, thanks for writing and sharing, looking forward to your next one.
4/22/2016 c1 noylj
Harry should ask for one good reason to go back to the Dursleys for a month, when he needs to get out NOW and not wait for the DEs to surround the house.
Don't copy the insanity of JKR and give a few folks a chance to THINK.
4/22/2016 c7 Navn Ukjent
Fun little fic.

I do question the grandstanding and the playing with your enemies when you are heavily outnumbered. I only takes one slip-up to get hit with something deadly.

I also wonder why Narcissa would show up in the attack, as I would assume that Harry had checked her loyalties prior to giving her the house and Kreacher!
4/22/2016 c7 86Yanagi-wa
Excellent. Well worth the wait.
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