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5/28/2012 c4 narutodragon
awesome klingon harry nice work
5/27/2012 c4 3LordNemesis
I know you said this was not a crossover but I would laugh and love if the real Wolf from one of the ST worlds where to show up ha it is magic after all. Grins (knows this is not going to happen though) I myself think wolf would like what harry and his friends have done.
5/27/2012 c4 3DestroyerDRT
I could see this done form Harry's and Hermione's first year with both being in to Star Trek and The Klingon stuff being what they like the best.
5/27/2012 c4 44dennisud
I think that Luna should have had another Hogwarts student as her BF. Still lets see how that turns out. Oh and lets see Ron back later on as a full DE and give him his just deserts!

Will there be more of the House of Koorg?

Oh and this can be a great counter story to all those 'Harry's a Sith-Lord' stories. I like both but here he's not hip deep in the Dark arts. The difference is the Klingon sense of Honor and duty!


P.S.- I'd live more Undercrosses with more of the Trek series like DE9, Voyager & Enterprise! I'm actually thinking of an Enterprise HP story where They go back in time and T'Pol is considered a High Elf!

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