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10/11/2016 c6 27Natalie Rushman
Really good thus far! I love the way you've mixed the mythology and the marvel cinematic universe. I've seen a lot of people try, but yours is amazing! The word choices are perfect. I like what you've done with magic and scenery. The characters are perfect, both for the world of myth and the mcu, and I don't know that I've EVER seen that before. Very impressive. I know this is relatively old, so there's not a lot of chance of a continuation, but thank you so very much for writing what you did! It's a lot of fun to read.
6/14/2014 c5 1Huginn89
I really, really hope you are not forgetting this fic...
It sounded as a great plot, full of aventure. I hope to see a new update soon :)
11/21/2013 c6 6lemurs366
I like ravens. I don't like Odin. It's a problem.
It sucks that somehow being Machiavellian in ones thinking is seen as a bad thing. I don't understand how it could be. Its like the difference between a simple mammal caught a python's mouth and pulling away against teh direction of the snakes teeth, causing mroe damage, while a smarter human knows to put the bitten part further into the snakes mouth to unhook its teeth. Momentary movement in the wrong direction for long term/permanent benefit. That's what Loki is. HAH. Loki is TOTALLY the Prince Machiavelli wrote about. hah.
11/10/2013 c6 1Huginn89
Wow.. Odins' ravens too? This is getting even more complex with each chapter.
I loved the final talk.
10/21/2013 c10 Ynath Esrith
Loki *is* going to rescue Thor at some point, right? And save Asgard? He can't leave a Chitauri in charge of Asgard; it would endanger him, too. I'm assuming that being able to see all the Realms from Hlidskjalf (sp?) is a function of the place, not the species... He would definitely not want a Chitauri to have that capability.

And Thor saved him. I'd like to think that Loki isn't, in fact, irredeemable.
10/21/2013 c10 DuskPuffin
So far so good
10/14/2013 c1 Huginn89
PS. I've read some of the reviews and I need to say this:
Let's get this clear, this story is based on the MCU and Norse Mythology, but that doesn't mean the author can't write whatever she wants. This is her story, of course she can.
Reviews are valuable and productive if it's criticised the writing skills and the plot development (I mean, if it gets sense...), in order to help the writer to get better. But the story is entirely hers.
10/14/2013 c9 Huginn89
I found your work very interesting, since you are using the trickster shape-shifters' skills, which it's something quite peculiar, and difficult to find. I have loved your story until now, but I'd prefer it more detailed, which it'll be fine since the chapters aren't too long. Keep up the good work!
10/6/2013 c8 6lemurs366
His name's still Odinson. Unless all adopted kids everywhere have to change their ames to what their biological parents' names were. Laufey wanted him killed.

Also according to certain Marvel sources, Loki's met a seer and she showed him the future, which consisted of him causing the end of the universe. And that he couldn't stop it.

Bit of a downer that. Telling someone they're for sure gonna kill everyone and everything.
Also where did you read about the Venir?
10/6/2013 c7 lemurs366
butbutbut, the Venir are supposed to have been the GENTAL, INTELLECTUAL asgardians! Didn't go in for the binge drinking and fighting to resolve all problems, and that's why they were wiped out. Where does it say they're lil' buttheads? Or is that you?

I've never liked Sigyn. In myth shes far too attached to loki. no character of her own except 'i want to sex loki' She's always seemed like a possessive girlfriend.

I shall have to wait and see if you can pull her off. I don't generally like Loki paired with anyone, especially her or some equally bitchy female version of himself.
10/6/2013 c3 lemurs366
My fan theory/ head canon/observation about Loki is that when Odin very conveniently decided to pass out instead of reassure his son after dropping a bit of a bomb, Loki's mind kinda broke a bit. Then when he fell into the abyss he literally fully went insane, because how could you not. And then also building up the injustice/pain to the breaking poiint prior to the events of Thor was his lifelong bullying and the horrible way society treated him. The feeling of inadequacy, and the feeling that maybe everyone was right, maybe he WAS truly evil, maybe something was wrong with him. (the odin comes and ACTUALLY confirms Loki's worst fears, and then decides to leave him on that. His mother's almost as bad, not helping him at all, just fawning over Odin)
Anyway, in Norse mythology, the whole snake thing also made me think 'that's a really REALLY good way to make someone' brain broken, and turn them into a full on psychopath full of nothing but resentment and rage.
Sorry. I need to not leave reviews at night, as they are always really long and rambling.
I just have a lot of feeeeelings. Also theories, I have a word doc, over a page or two long, titled 'Why Odin is a Terrible Father' and its also about how the moral of Thor was actually 'HUG YO KIDS'
10/6/2013 c2 lemurs366
bullies don't deserve forgiveness. Have you seen Thor and Loki: Blood Brothers? (its a semi animated comic, it's on Netflix I think). The truth comes out.
10/6/2013 c1 lemurs366
You've no idea how much I love the premis of this story. That you're using actual mythology, and that your loki isn't apologetic or something angsty, he's mad. REALLY MAD, OKAY?
But yeah, I feel like so many people forget this, likely because I think it was a deleted scene in Thor, but Loki actually stated that '[He] never wanted the throne!' He only let the Jotun in to show how terrible a king Thor would be.
Yeah, so I realize that you're already 8 chapters in and likely not gonna change that, but hey, now you know, Loki only started wanting to rule anything after he fell into the abyss of space/was mind-invaded by ugly red guy.

Also also, I once read in a book on mythology that according to some sources, Loki is the person who gave Thor his hammer. He (Loki) tricked a dwarf into making it, because dwarfs don't ever make stuff for non-dwarves.
I just think that's the sweetest thing.
And also also also, I have a srs really dry, legit book on 'vikings' and norse mythology, and IT says that it's not unlikely that Loki was the 'badass' god used to attract the youth to the religion. Cos kids/teens never change, and an anti-hero, rebellious, I DO WAT I WANT character is always a hit. And he probs wasn't a bad guy till Christianity got to him, and there's only two sources on norse mythology in history, and both were written hundreds of years after christianity took over, and there's very very few mentions of Loki. And Thor was probably only super popular within certain Thor-devoted sects of the norsemen. Like the cult of Ra in egypt.
He's totes overrated is what I'm saying.


*cough* so, you know, nice job writing as well and stuff. Nice tone you've got goin' on.
10/6/2013 c8 128lederra
Enjoying the story so far.
9/22/2012 c7 tj
updaaate? :) I'm riveted by your storyplot - very clever and unique in creating a fic where the chitauri take over asgard, and loki becoming acquainted with sigyn this way
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