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for Jade Eyes

1/23/2015 c3 Guest
So cuuuuuute!
12/31/2012 c3 61KikoTsukinamura
This is making me blush! / Kawaii!
12/31/2012 c2 KikoTsukinamura
A lot, Dave, a lot. A lot can happen when Jade Harley is near by.
12/31/2012 c1 KikoTsukinamura
Definately good. And what's a sleep attack? Is it like when she was trying to leap across the hall in Homestuck, but fell on the floor asleep? Is that it? I'm sorry about my memory loss because keeping track everyone's ancestors and dancestors and the is hard work for a little lass like me.
7/10/2012 c3 Sephulchre
This is so cute! :)
7/8/2012 c3 5Homestucker
ahhhh that is so cute!
5/30/2012 c3 sneekers
I absolutely LOVE this story, so adorable! :)
5/28/2012 c3 3

Yay! I'm glad you fixed the POV

oh goodness

I adore this.


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