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for No More a Savage Life: Chapter Three

12/31/2022 c165 Guest
6/8/2022 c151 3Lady L Shardlake
Oh I cried a bit when his mind wandered. Beautifully written.
5/22/2022 c129 Lady L Shardlake
Lovely chapter.
5/16/2022 c106 Lady L Shardlake
WWHD? Totally hilarious. I enjoyed it very much
5/15/2022 c97 Lady L Shardlake
"when I am bad, I am magnificentwow truly epic.
5/10/2022 c52 Lady L Shardlake
Ch52: I really like how you build in the Hannibal Rising Canon. Well done
5/8/2022 c33 Lady L Shardlake
Ch33. The story is developing really nicely. I look forward to reading the rest.
2/8/2022 c165 TurnsWithUs
Excellent chapter! Loved all the interactions with the police, and how they contaminated the crime scene. I hope the police play nice so Clarice doesn’t have to get mean. I’m excited to read your new Valentine’s Day story once it’s posted. What an unexpected treat! Stay safe.
2/7/2022 c165 genesismom
So wonderful to be able to enjoy your writing again. You have been missed. The way you keep incorporating new ideas and interesting plot twists make all your stories interesting. Thank you for resuming this story. No complaints at all, your stories are fabulous.
2/6/2022 c165 Nemesis1488
Many thanks for the update! It's been awhile since you posted, and I was getting worried. Anyway, I can't wait for your new Hanni & Clarice offering. Maybe even a lemon...
1/18/2022 c164 TPalesh
It's always something new and interesting with you. Thank you for updating!
1/18/2022 c164 TurnsWithUs
Great chapter! It’s about time that poor woman found some peace in death even though Hannibal had to give it to her. I look forward to seeing what happens next. As always your writing is excellent.
12/31/2021 c161 Guest
Is this story now dead? We would love an update at some point!
10/19/2021 c163 Guest

I hope you and your family are well. All the best.
8/1/2021 c163 Guest
What does this mean?!
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