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2/4 c3 13Freddie Rindklip
I am enjoying this reread of the fic.
12/29/2023 c13 18nagiten
why did tonks just do that?
and lily not going to be happy with her
12/29/2023 c12 nagiten
who saying voldemort and moving?
also it tonks not tank
12/29/2023 c9 nagiten
get your ass in gear potter no time to brood. get your eyes on those tomes and in that Armour now boy
tonks had finished patching up hedwig and was working on hedwig...shouldnt one of them be fleur?
12/29/2023 c8 nagiten
did tonks forget whats harry been through what he survived that he maybe younger but due to all his adventures he is older and more experienced then she is? plus he a true gryffindor and the marauder heir. also isnt it to wait for fleur and hedwig not fleur and tonks? since when did hedwig wear a collar? so lily dressed as an assassin? damn lily got some gear and is a badass. it would be funny if she was omen from DC comics or one of the Valkyries from marvel
also was that billy/shazam?
12/29/2023 c7 nagiten
why did fleur say oui and yet no? she didnt meet bill untill the third how could she of gotten with bill so quickly? ok really why is he blushing so much?, lily realizes dumbledore was getting a massively good eyefull the whole time as other the other portraits
tonk is le fay reborn? i mean if she not just a metamorph but is something more powerful that only fleur knows she either that or a succubus
12/29/2023 c6 nagiten
how can beauxbatons have the poorest DADA when hogwart utterly shocks during harry time there bar crouch jr and lupin and that not getting into before his time
12/29/2023 c5 nagiten
why is a nearly 17 year old harry spluttering and blushing over been pursued by tonks or any mention of sex and such? also shouldnt harry take all of the black stuff since he doesnt know what could be used and to deny tom getting it? because he might not want it or use it, but the enemy will,
also wouldnt tonk know of moria since her dad a muggleborn?
birds of a feather tonk hedwig gabby fleur
ohhh shit lily back
tom you better f'ing pray buddy.
snape you might want to run...
12/28/2023 c4 nagiten
where is the orb going? harry in london not the north...or is it going to hogwart to help with the wards there?
or did harry have sex and produce a child?
12/28/2023 c3 nagiten
so lily is back technically and is going to bond with harry to give him Armour or a shroud? so the protection stays for longer doing what it was meant to do before dumbledore screwed with it or just pull a hedwig
12/28/2023 c2 nagiten
reason harry didnt instinctively use his own version of the teleportation like he did in his childhood? how did harry get the door open if he has no left hand?
so hedwig what the veela use to be?
also if anyone or two people can do the metal hand thing why isnt mad eye covered in metal to look more like a cyborg?
12/28/2023 c1 nagiten
hmm interesting.
you would think harry would learn healing magic after all he's been through.
also why not summon dobby?
11/6/2023 c14 13Freddie Rindklip
Thank you for writing. I notice many chapters apologizing for the delay. It happens. Life and your muse interfere.
11/6/2023 c5 Freddie Rindklip
Don't worry about trying to write someone's accent. To me, it detracts from the plot line, and doesn't add anything.
8/10/2023 c14 jaqmaq77
Okay... so when the D.E.s fire Incendio into their car, my auto response would be to fire it back... This Potter saving people is sad, and apparently switches his brain off...
For one, they come to an empty carriage, so retreat and separate the train at that point? But we're back to 'Harry Potter and the Daft Morons' and need to except that Harry has been infected by 'Wizard lack of logic'... And two, we need to figure out Lily... one minute she apparats out of Hogwarts super wards... and the next can't apparate out of the train? Bloody hell, She's also become a moron... Make a decision, she's either a witch or a super witch... It's sad - in and out of Hogwarts without breaking a sweat, but trapped on a train by a portable wardstone... Colour me confused and pass my hipflask... I need a drink...
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