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11h c2 13Freddie Rindklip
I look forward to rereading this fic. Thank you for writing.
3/15 c16 ArashiNokitsune
so outside of Britain the magical and mundane worlds are more interconnected than thought... government wise, that literally means Dark Lord too afraid to die and his fanatic group of death munchers are walking into a minefield theres even likely specific military sectors that specialize in dealing with the magical and Supernatural not to mention humans magical or not are capable of creating very destructive means of killing your enemy... so much for the whole world domination scheme I can see a lot of ways how that can go bad for them in the end should they even succeed they will likely still lose.

Harry maybe destined to put the guy down so that the worst does not happen... and if that is so that is going to be so satisfying when the facts gets shoved hard down the throats of all those fanatics they think themselves Superior but they do not understand the mundane can do... in which worst case scenario could be a scorched Earth policy, not to mention that if the other governments do take action and taking the nut job down likely case scenario is the rest of the world versus a bunch of terrorist fanatics with a superiority stick population one small nation... and that's only if things really escalate far

hopefully Harry and his group can get about ending the war before it does escalate any further or some very terrible things happen, not counting any of the many factors that could possibly change the situation...
2/26 c16 Linda
Love the story hope to read more soon
2/16 c16 WhiteEagle1985
A wonderful story here so far!
2/12 c16 3WhiteElfElder
I don't think the surprises will have stopped for any of the Veela. If nothing else, Harry's wounds should show that he is not acting nefariously towards them. I wonder if they ever thought that they could simply mindwipe the visit to the place?
2/11 c16 noru2k
Was absolutely DELIGHTED to see this update, can't wait for more.
2/11 c16 4Chaos Snow Kitsune
Always happy to see a new chapter of this.

Is it wrong of me to want Lupin to have met a terrible fate on the front lines? Because I really do. It would make Tonks' decision to be with Harry over the whiny werewolf That much easier
1/29 c15 13Freddie Rindklip
It is good that you keep updating. This is a hobby, and you do have a life too. Thank you for writing.
1/29 c15 Ariadne Venegas
Only because she hate her name it is obvious it is not a pleasant past.

I think his father was an incubus. Her mother past is known so it couldn’t be her. When he wake up her heritage must have been a disaster, and no one helped, not even the father.
1/29 c8 Ariadne Venegas
Oops maybe his father was incubus and she is sucubus
1/29 c7 Ariadne Venegas
1/18 c15 flurry
given that you started this story in 2012 and "seems" to be alittle infrequent since (by now) the story {should've} benn done [loooooong] before now, so on that note, hope the next chapter(s) will be fairly soon please and thank you! ! ! !
1/17 c15 1TheProphetBVB
Okay I'm probably way off here but I'm going to take a shot at it anyway. I think Tonks is a succubus. They can change their features, and Fleur called her one. Also, Tonks said her focus is on a different aspect of the love bond than the one Fleur focuses on and that Remus has a ton of it. I can only assume that it's Stamina/Lust due to his werewolf abilities.
1/17 c15 temporalcontrol
Love the story and I am looking forward ti through updates :)
1/12 c8 Guest
Not gonna lie that was a weird scene with Lily.
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