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for Where One Goes, the Other Will Follow

5/29/2012 c1 5Dancing Eyes
This was great! I loved how Cap couldn't figure Natasha out at all because his only model was Peggy and she was tame compared to Natasha!

It was interesting that you had Thor understadn the connection first, yes his intellignece varies upon interpretation, but I would have thought the 'genius' of Tony Stark would have been first or earlier. That being said, I still understand why Thor understood it first, with him being around warriors his whole life and understanding their relationship stemmed from battle mindset vs. personal mindset that the others may look at it.

Really great! Thanks!
5/29/2012 c1 3Micaela Scarlett Hart
wow, this was actually really great. I think you nailed down Nat and Clint's relationship so perfectly. Honestly beautiful.
5/28/2012 c1 Samantha
Loved it. I went to stalk your other stories and realised you wrote the one I've already bookmarked. Keep writing :).
5/28/2012 c1 VoldieBeth
Awwww that is such a touching and amazing story!
5/28/2012 c1 17Proclaim Thy Warrior Soul
Oh, my... That last sentence killed me. Literally. It was beautiful in a total angst-ridden heartbreaking way. Your writing, dare I say it, gets better every time. A truly excellent insight into Clint and Natasha's relationship. Dark and edgy and deadly...what a duo ;)
5/28/2012 c1 GreenEyedTulip
wow, i really really enjoyed this. good work!
5/28/2012 c1 25Strawberrywaltz
OMG, loved it. I'm going to prompt you...but you might be angry with me because you have a lot going on in your head right now...but still, I need to (I physically can not help myself right now).

So, it would be epic if this was the prolog to a longer story where the fear of losing one of them is realized. (Clint or Natasha don't have to really die, there could be some sort of mind altering evil dude (or chick) involve.)

Basically you have two things happening, one is the reaction to the death of whichever one you choose and possibly a suicidal/upset character and then the second part is what's happening to the character they think is dead.

I wonder if that made sense...lol, but yes, I hope this inspires you like your story inspired my mind

ANYWAY, I loved this!
5/28/2012 c1 12bouncingcrow
I liked this style - the different POV's. The subtle changes in writing style for each character was good; I thoroughly enjoyed.

Thank you!
5/28/2012 c1 7mecca-boyde

This describes their relationship flawlessly. Not uber-sexual or romantic, but intense none-the-less.
5/28/2012 c1 11obsessionisawonderfulthing
Oh my god. I'm crying. I want a friend like Barton so badly...! It's painful! This is beautiful, I love it! The entire thing was gorgeously written, but Steve's perspective really got me for some reason. I love this.
5/28/2012 c1 jckris
I liked it. It put a prospective on everyone that saw them. I think you should expand on it a little maybe instead of from eveyone else's point of view throw in Natasha and Clint's now. Like how they have helped eachother with the blood on eachother's hands and even say more about the last sentence about how when one dies the other is sure to follow. I don't kill them but maybe just a close call. Great story.
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