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3/28 c34 Sylwinka1991
So this is the end. I'm happy and satisfied how you ended up things in the finale of this amazing trilogy. At the same time I'm sad that this is a last chapter but it means that you did a gigantic job to create something that brought me so much emotions and fun that makes me already miss this story.
It was a real pleasure to met you and walking in a world of this trilogy.

Now a few words about this final chapter. I love your sense of comedy. That boner scene was hilarious! Sam's bad luck reminded me Bad Day at Black Rock episode. I was so devastated that Sam not gonna make it on time at the interview. Especially when he did awesome with reaching at the third floor without an elevator and still that Ms. Trammell didn't give him a chance to explain what happened. Then I was so happy that she gave him a second change because Sam totally deserved for this!

And that plot with testing Sam and the twins' blood. OMG, that was so interesting and stressful at the same time. Sam's emotional reaction to that Sami Joy and Robby don't have a demon blood was so true and touching.
Aww and big finale with TJ reminding her university stuff, that was amazing!

Thank you!
3/28 c33 Sylwinka1991
The way Jo and Dean met again it reminds me how they met for the first time at the Roadhouse. Guns involve. LOL. I'm glad that Jo, Heather, Sam and Dean are even with a few injuries. That was a badass finish of this Hunt and look how Heather did great with a research! Smart girl.

Aww...Dean and Heather are so sweet together! Of course that Dean not gonna let Heather hunt alone after that djinn hunt. They will be a great hunt partners.

You scared me when Sam couldn't reach out TJ, Fern and Vern on the phone. I had a bad thoughts just like Sam that history repeat itself. Luckily it turned out that Dean was right about cellular services.

I totally love an idea that Dean and Heather will be often around Sam, TJ, twins and Fern and Vern. I love seeing them together.

The last part of this chapter gave me a good laugh with TJ and Sam's bickering like a children. That was so entertaining and funny.
3/25 c32 Sylwinka1991
What a chapter with full of suprises! I love it!
First off the way Sam recreated memory of proposing to TJ. He such a sweetheart and so romantic guy.
Second off I had a bad feeling when it was mentioned that Heather is on a hunt. I hope that she and Jo will be okay, the Djiins can be bastards. That parallel with Sam having planned an interview and being on a hunt, OMG!
3/24 c31 Sylwinka1991
Woo hoo! Jeremy finally apologized to Sam about his behavior. He totally suprised me with his offer about the house.

I keep fingers crossed for Sam at this interview.
3/23 c30 Sylwinka1991
What an hot chapter! Wow and that offer from Wyman! Great man! I wonder what decision Sam will make.
3/22 c29 Sylwinka1991
OMG, you killing me with this cliffhanger!

It's so nice that TJ and Sam spent some time with Dean, Heather, Gretchen and Ralph. Congrats for Gretchen and Ralph for their wedding. OMG and that part with Chanel as waitress at Shorty's. Yeah, karma is a bitch. I love that part!

I'm glad that TJ decided to go to the therapist and that she admited to herself that it prevented her from developing into something worse. That's a big step.

I love TJ and Sam's mind reading. That means they're a real soulmates. Present from Sam to TJ on their first wedding anniversary melted and touched my heart, it was perfect. And when it was TJ's turn to give present to Sam I knew it will be Wings of Desire when you mentioned wrapped the DVD! Nice parallel to their first date. And TJ fall asleep on that movie again. Haha!
3/21 c28 Sylwinka1991
I like how TJ explained to Sam how she see his powers, that he's not evil because Azazel didn't control him or his power at the moment in a barn and he used his powers for a good thing, to protect twins. I can feel that Sam felt a little lighter after hearing this and he should feel better because TJ has a good point.

Also then I totally melted with Sam and TJ. The way she told him about what she remember about their relationship before the stroke. Haha and I love their bickering about who has worst breath. LOL.
3/21 c27 Sylwinka1991
I'm glad that Fern and Sam are fine despite all the circumstances. I'm glad that Dean was for TJ in the hospital and I'm glad that Jeremy finally admit that he not gonna stay between TJ and Sam anymore. Altough I'm feel bad for him because of situation with his mom, it must be hard for him to seeing her like this. Even TJ admitted that is horrible for her what happened to Liv who was like a family to her.
And Dean is right, Sam you're not evil despite that demon blood thing.
3/20 c26 Sylwinka1991
OMG. I had heartattacks a few times reading this chapter. You're a genius with bringing so much emotions, actions and making reader to care about characters. This is so compelling! First I was so scared about TJ trapped in the pantry and at the same time wondering where the twins are. Also you melt my heart with TJ's POV about how she wanted and wished to be with twins, her parents and Sam again. That she started processing that they all might have a right about their worries about her weight and health. Then we have awesome Winchesters rescue squad and then oh snap! First heartattack and knotted stomach came crazy Liv was about to seriously hurt or even kill the twins. And then mindblowing moment when Sam used his powers to rescue the twins just like he did in Supernatural's Nightmare episode when he saw in his visions that Max gonna kill Dean and Sam was so scared that he moved a furniture from closet's door to escape from the closet. Then in this chapter of your story I had another heartattack when I read that something is really wrong with Sam after using powers. TJ and Dean's fright hit me so hard.
3/18 c25 Sylwinka1991
I officially love Vern, he's perfect father-in-law. The way he talked to Sam, drank with him. He's a great guy and he's right that Jeremy has a big defect, meaning that he isn't Sam.
I laughted so hard when Vern tried help Sam with transfering him into his wheelchair and Sam interupted him with his drunk talking. That was gold! And then that drunk calling to Dean. He was so wasted like in Playthings episode or Sam, Interrupted episode. And yeah I knew it that Dean will come to Kentucky when he heard about Sam's bloody nose.

And yes, I was suspicious when Fern didn't react to Sam and Vern's shouting but my God, my stomach got knotted and I froze when Sam's vision came true. That can't be happening! The good thing is that Dean is in place to help.
3/18 c24 Sylwinka1991
Wow, what an intensive chapter! First with confused Aunt Liv not wanting to gave back Robbie to TJ. That was so scary and Sam managed that wonderfully with a cold blood. Then that thing with TJ's eating problems. At that point I'm with Sam and TJ's parents to check this out because they were at that path before so I'm undestand that they're worried about TJ's health, she got through a lot already.
3/17 c23 Sylwinka1991
I'm glad that TJ thought about not taking this job at the bank where she would work with Jeremy. I can't help but I really don't like this guy. Maybe he changed but he made bad first impression for me and otherwise TJ already has a great guy around her so Jeremy have to back off.
I'm worried about what Sam said about that TJ and the twins should run away from him to be safe. That reminds when Dean asked Castiel to wipe out Lisa and Ben's memory about Dean for their safety. Well that was dumb because Lisa and Ben forget about Dean but does demons and other supernatural creatured got wiped out memory about Lisa and Ben too? LOL. It have to work both ways to be successful.
3/16 c22 Sylwinka1991
I'm so glad that TJ is starting to feel maternal for twins and that she knows a truth about Sam. But this Sam's vision made me so worry.
3/15 c21 Sylwinka1991
Sam and TJ melted me even more in this chapter. They're getting closer and I'm so glad for that. And it's always good to hear Dean, thanks for his little chat with TJ.
Sam's screaming during nightmare. He was dreamt about the Yellow Eyes, isn't he?
3/15 c20 Sylwinka1991
OMG my heart melted reading about TJ taking care of sick Sam. They're adorable. There're some thing that TJ couldn't forget, there are feelings that might be forgotten but not totally threw away. She has a glipses of feelings and has a pieces of some memories that are start coming back to her, for example that memories about Rocket and hot dogs.

And here we go, it's time to some tough truths about Sam's past again.
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