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9/18 c109 thecjkid
After watching buu bits I was reminded of our story. starting another reread!
excited to see where we are going with babidi!
please dont stop updating even if its only once every few years.
8/28 c109 Guest
There is someone with the same username as yourself on spacebattles forums. If that isn't you, ignore the rest of this comment. If it is you, first of all, I would like to say that I liked your uruk hai quest. From what I gathered, you took a break, and then was banned before you could continue your story. I would like to make a suggestion (the idea isn't mine, I saw someone else do pretty much the same thing). You could update your sig with the information that you are continuing your quest, and a link to another forum (such as sufficient velocity), where you continue the quest. At the very least, you could post the Gondor omake there.
8/26 c109 Guest
There is someone whose account has the same name as you. The rest of this post is meant for him, as I am hoping that you two are the same person.

I very much enjoyed your uruk-hai quest, and, from what I have gathered, you were banned from that forum before you were done resting, and ready to continue the quest. I have an idea as to how to continue the quest, based on how someone else did pretty much the same thing. You can edit your sig to contain a link to another forum, where you continue the quest, or at least post the Gondor interlude. If you do that, I would like to mention that there is a chance that Aragorn and most of the troops will die (as we know that he was hit with a grenade volley, but I don't know how many others got hit). There is a video (link below) talking about this. It starts on this subject 11 minutes 42 seconds in (but you might want to go too 11:09, since that talks about the scene in question, to give context), and finishes at the end of the video.
7/3 c77 Guest
What do you think of Goku/Vegeta’s new power in DBM? Seems like they achieved what mystic gohan did through training instead of magic ritual.
7/1 c1 Guest
How long could Broly stay in his legendary form? Indefinitely? Do you agree with DBM that his legendary transformation reduces his lifespan? That he would have a month at most before he expires?
6/28 c1 Guest
What is the weakest a Ki attack can be? Like the least amount of power one can put in an energy attack? Would it be as strong as a firework? Grenade?
6/22 c109 7InfiniteEscuro
Sad to see the story having only had four additional chapters since I last looked at it years ago, I think before quarantine even. Also, the Discord server's invite that you listed on Disforge is apparently invalid.

After reading the other reviews, I hope that the story will be updated. It would be a serious shame to see it abandoned after so many years of effort have been put into it.
6/16 c89 InfiniteEscuro
Yikes, is about my thoughts. Really not liking how "Do literally anything" this original villain seems so far, way too many fanfics fall at moments like these. Especially things like regeneration and other massively powerful magic seemingly not even requiring effort, never mind being costly. BoD still has a lot of praise, so I'm hoping this is just a bumpy introduction.
6/10 c1 Guest
Wht does Buu’s absorption shrink people? How does the shrinking work? Does it involve space time manipulation or is it like antman shrinking the distance between atoms?
6/10 c1 Guest
Do you plan on having a second interview with Gohan? If so, far away would you say it would be?
6/10 c1 Guest
Is there a way to achieve intangibility using a Ki technique or would that require straight up magic?
6/6 c54 InfiniteEscuro
The explanation of how superliminal flight is achieved is fantastic. It's made out to be a learned technique, something you need to figure out a way to surpass, instead of just being a question of power level dictating your mph. I like to think using that example that a natural passive ability of Divine Ki is the user being automatically unbound in physical space, allowing a Super Saiyan God to naturally achieve their power level's full speed with their only focus being on flying faster, without any effort needing to be split towards actually "unchaining" them from the limits on movement.
5/16 c1 Guest
If matter that comes from the vacuum eventually dissipates back into the vacuum unless made permanent by magic, then how do non-magical species like saiyans or acrosians keep the extra mass from not dissipating? Ex: 3rd form Frieza or Broly’s legendary form.
5/10 c109 Guest


There is a huge Misconception

The level of power go on had was because of his rage boost as a super saiyan 2.. He was stronger than an average super saiyan 2 and He He was able to stale mate Super Perfect Cell Kamahamaha.

According to the dragon ball gt journal 43, Super Saiyan grade 4 is just as powerful as Grade 3 without Drawbacks And it was mentioned that Is mastering the super Saiyan transformation is Necessary in order to unlock super Saiyan 2

Super Saiyan Grade 3 Is 10 times stronger than the normal unmastered form according to El Legendario Manga.

Therefore Is Super Saiyan full power: x500

SS2: x1000

SS3: x4000
5/8 c37 InfiniteEscuro

Huh. I wonder if someone in your fanbase ended up becoming a writer for Dragon Ball Super. Either that, or it's just a coincidence that Gohan now has a form literally called Beast.
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