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6/16 c29 SmartCookie0
"Just like Vegeta, the one who killed my brother, Ginyu!"

Ginyu probably died years ago, killed by the person who took his body.

Most people are weak; it seems likely that a powerful person with the body-change would have became powerful mostly through the use of that technique, and not other means.
6/10 c68 Guest
Will we be getting an update on power levels in canon and BoD? It’s been awhile since you’ve posted what the power levels are for characters in individual chapters.
6/10 c108 Guest
Does Ki have healing properties? Goku did revive a bird by infusing it with some of his Ki in “Coolers Revenge”.
6/7 c1 Guest
Why haven’t we seen any Holdo maneuvers in Bringer of Death? Is it because it would be too easy a win to smash your space ship at FTL speeds into the enemy or the planet they are on?
5/26 c108 Guest
Why didn’t Sayians abuse their Zenkai ability in the past? Did they not know they had that ability? They had healing tanks back when King Vegeta and Bardock was around. So why didn’t anyone abuse it like Vegeta and Goku did during namek saga to get strong enough to challenge Frieza?
5/23 c1 Guest
Are universes and timelines the same thing or different in Bringer of Death? In DB Multiverse, they are the same thing. But in manga and anime, they are separate, twelve universes in one timeline and two different timelines and whatnot!
5/20 c1 Guest
How would the Z fighters deal with someone who can turn intangible? Would Ki be able to affect intangible characters or would it pass right through them?
5/21 c28 1vtorx
5/21 c19 vtorx
Pls don't kill the girl
5/3 c1 Guest
How does one learn to sense Ki? Vegeta was able to do it by himself, somehow! Do they have to meditate or something?
4/29 c1 Guest
You’ve said that someone using Instant Transmission can teleport “how ever far away” they want to from a person whose Ki your locking onto. So can Goku teleport across the world or worlds as long as he’s using someone Ki as a reference point? Or is there a max range someone can teleport from the Ki signature your using?
4/19 c108 3Ryu no Ohi
Congratulations on your auspicious 108th chapter.
4/8 c108 5D3wman
King Cold hype

No wonder he never showed up in Hell during the Otherworld arc!
3/21 c20 oneironaught101
Oh man now you had to show Oniya and Vegeta bonding. Good that Trunks and Bulma are here.
3/21 c19 oneironaught101
Sad for Oniya when she was getting interesting as a character. Man people really hate Yamcha huh? I'm not complaining. So far so good.
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