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1/17 c106 The Rocha
Wow, a Bringer of Death update! Fantastic! I'm so glad to see you guys bringing us quality content again. BoD woke me up to the wondeful world of Dragonball (Z) AUs, bringing me towards a lot of other marvelous tales like Paradise Lost, The Catalyst, Strength of Many, etc.

I LOVED that Shin vs "Apollo" fight. That disguise was just perfect, loved the satanic undertones here. The fight itself was great, Shin actually comes out as something other than a weakling, two-bit kaionshin (especially when one compares him to someone like Zamás, who is rather badass), but rather as a strong and intelligent fighter who knows how to fight when outmatched. Alas, Dabura won half by FRIGGIN' CHEATIN'! Althrough the use of his spit was awesome. I hope we see a better showing by Dabura than canon, too.

I like how more manipulative and dangerous Babidi is, in this tale. Using the tournament itself to leech ki was simply genius, way better than canon.

I'm curious to see what sort of mysterious fighter is going to match Vegeta. He's large and Vegeta would't refuse his challenge... personally, I'm betting on a ressurected Nappa. Beat a Saiyan with another Saiyan. I thought Freeza for a second, but Freeza is anything but towering.
1/17 c1 TianLucifer
1/15 c106 Guest
How far can one extend their aura? A dozen feet? A hundred? Would someone within their aura be protected from injury?
1/10 c106 Anon
AYYY YOU'RE BACK! Great chapter!
1/10 c106 Guest
In your latest chapter, Picoolo said something interesting. “Because it doesn't use ki as its source, it must be rooted in something mystical.” What does this mean? That there is a Ki Magic and mystical magic? How intertwined is Ki and Magic?
1/9 c106 Guest
Brilliant as always.
1/10 c106 super mystic gohan
hey good chapter can't wait to see more its been to long!
1/9 c106 23Yung Warrior
Always a pleasure to read a chapter. This one featured some much-needed redemption for Supreme Kai who is one of the most intolerable characters in canon imo. I appreciate how the tournament is more incorporated into the plot as well. I've loved this story since 2013 and I always will.
1/7 c1 JinzoNingen92
I am the younger brother of M. Briseno , he did the translating of bringer of death in spanish, a few years back he shared the Bringer of Death ideas you had regarding this arc, which are very different now from what they were back then. I will not spoil anything, but i wanted to tell you that me and my brother are huge fans of Dragon ball, and just as huge to your fan-fict, I noticed that it has been past a year since the release of False Prophets. With Covid and life being slightly harder for some of us, i would like to offer you the opportunity to continue this via my help.

I have nothing but time now that I work my new job. It would be nice to for me to continue this work based on your ideas and I do all the typing and editing, i can also do the spanish translation for bringer of death, we have had many spanish fans awaiting a response on the continuation of that story.

If there is a way for me to get in contact with you through email let me know.
1/8 c106 Guest
Good chapter, even if the overextended pause from the last made it feel short and uneventful.
May I ask what your plans for the future are?
It appears both you and David found new hobbies, and there is nothing wrong with that, but as a fan of your work I'd like to know what's in store in regards of the timing for the release of the new chapters.
Do you think 3 to 4 chapters a year would be doable?

Also, unrelated, but based on how you deal with power levels and transformations, in canon both Goku and Vegeta mastered ssj2 by the start of the Buu saga but since Goku broke thru and achieved ssj3 both his prior levels had a "power raise", just as Gohan's ssj1 max power did in your story when he achieved ssj2.

Given that, we know that the Majin boost Vegeta received from Babidi put him on equal ground to Goku's "augmented" ssj2, therefore effectively surpassing his prior ssj2 limits.
Do you think, in theory, that that's enough of a "power release" to grant Vegeta an opening for ssj3, or is a burst of power not enough to unlock a new level?
Sorry for the long post and possible mistakes, English isn't my main language.
1/8 c106 chris.m.glowacki
Happy to see this still going. 2020 has been a real fustercluck of a year and I’m not sure ‘21 shaping up to be any better at least so early. Great fight between Dabura and Shin! The Katchin block and Dabura breaking his sword on it and being flattened was about what I expected. Interesting that Dabura actually required Babidi’s direct interference to eek out a win. That Galaxy Sphere has really amped up Babidi’s magical prowess, and the verbal abuse tongue lashing against Dabura for outing himself to the Saiyans was the icing on the cake there. Can’t wait for Mr. Satan vs Videl that’s gonna be amazing. Not many would tower over Buu’s ball in height, I think our Saiyan Prince is in for being bent over mentally and a heaping helping of pure kick in the groin treason. Looking forward to how this all plays out. Hope the new year treats you well.
1/8 c106 9MarvelMatt
It's nice to see you back with another outstanding chapter. You have been missed.

I can't wait to see where we go from here.
1/7 c106 2Tango666
How exactly did the "King" of the Demon Realm became such a, for the lack of a better word, traitor to the gods is a stpry I'm interested in. Dabura in his role must be important enough to maintain the balance of the universe in some way, so I don't get how Shin allowed this to happen.

Is there a second Demon King now that Dabura is a rebel? Super interested in the next chapter for Daburas backstory.
1/7 c106 The Anguished One
Shin did better against Dabura than I expected, I appreciate him knowing he's weaker and fighting creatively in hopes to bridge the gap. It nearly worked too. Still, Dabura has all but revealed himself to the Z-Fighters now; none of them will be eager to trust him, which may actually push them into trusting Shin as Apollo spoke so negatively of him.
1/7 c106 austin.todd.315
Really solid fight. I realy enjoyed how you portrayed Shin's abilities. Impressive that he made it to where Dabura needed Babidi's help just to win it.
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