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6/19/2016 c28 Guest
I am truly enjoying the lore presented and created here!
6/19/2016 c25 Guest
Your writing gave me chills. Wow!
6/18/2016 c4 Guest
Wait, I'm on chapter 4? Fellow human, I must congratulate you your incredibly immersive writing. 3
5/14/2016 c7 MissSunshine33
I don't know if the character thing is still open, I might have missed it, or if you are continuing this story, but I figured I would submit my Mer anyway. Sorry if there is an update or author's note about this that I missed. Name: Isa Marie
Gender: female
Tail Color: platinum silver (her skin kind of has a silver sheen to match her tail and her hair and eyes are charcoal black)
Origin: She lived with her mother and sister in Canada. They both died in a fire when she was 11, and she ran away instead of staying with her Gran, who was her only family and very strict and old fashioned.
Power: Isa has the Sight. She only Sees tiny pieces of possible futures most of the time, though she has had one or two full visions. This was why she decided to run away, after Seeing how miserable she would be if she stayed.
Age: 18
4/20/2016 c36 truk 201
This an amazing story and I was wondering if u were still taking ideas for new mers
12/17/2015 c36 theoriginalrose23
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE! this is an amazing story! the suspense is killing me! like what's gonna happen to Kirana like obviously she makes it back to Atlantis to rule and then she meets Lelakin but seriously I want to know the actual story! are any new mers gonna be comin to the island? what's gong to happen war wise? and the Russian soldiers? what about Bella and Wills child? when will the others have children? I have so many questions! please update asap!
11/23/2015 c25 2wwjdtd
For the longest time I had thought theater they killed nate by suffocating him in jello only now do I realise that he suicided.

I feel really stupid now...
9/15/2015 c8 Mint Fowler
Hi I would just like to say that from what I've read so far i am absolutely loving it. I am completely obsessed and in love with this, if only the creators of h2o just add water read this, I would highly recommend this to become a tv series. If you want I know a guy that has a younger brother that is a british actor.
8/29/2015 c7 MermaidRomance
Name: Emerald Crystal
Gender: Female
Tail Colour: (You choose)
Origin: North Atlantic Mer. She was originally born in London, UK and changed in a pool when Eva's comet was over head.
Power: She is an extremely powerful siren. She can control men by just touching them this would last for about half an hour and if she was to sing to them the spell would last for an indefinite amount of time. Until she freed them.
Age: 19
8/15/2015 c36 Mermaid Lover
omg I haven't read this in forever and I can't believe how much I still love it! Hope you ipdate soon this cliffhanher will literally kill me.
7/23/2015 c36 davidahare
I cant what for this story to be updated and then finished. I think that 3 couples of the High Council should have kids also.
7/2/2015 c36 17Hayashi Mikako
So I MIGHT have just reread your story and uh, I might have had an overly-reactive imagination and came up with a totally new character (actually 2 but like um) that would have fit into your story... ugh I hate myself.

That aside I think it's a pretty interesting story so far and I understand that it must be really difficult for you to keep up with all the subplots, especially with such a thoroughly-developed ensemble cast of characters, without continuity errors and such. Still, I do believe you could look into fixing up a bit of redundancy that occurs in your writing sometimes. That aside I can definitely tell you did a lot of research for this story and put a lot of work into it and your readers might not all realize or appreciate that, so thank you and keep it up~~~
6/14/2015 c36 I.Am.A.Duck.Squared
Love this story so much! Thank you for continuing it, can't wait to keep reading
6/14/2015 c36 CkGirl
Wow! It felt like I was there in Atlantis. Superb!
I like the flow of the story. You always try to give a more detailed version of other mers and everything without only focusing on the main characters. I guess that's what I like in this story.
Update sooon
6/13/2015 c23 CkGirl
Well I hv to say you have some crazy but awesome imaginations.
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