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9/26 c1 9ckphrasis
haha, it's kind of a joke then, isn't it? it's the well groomed mind as in well prepared for anything, but also in the sense of psychological grooming, to which Harry's mind has been subjected. it's a two way well-groomed mind and that's genius, I love it!
9/26 c30 ckphrasis
this is so fascinating and I'm so intrigued by the lore you're always throwing in! I know you haven't updated in a bit and probably don't plan to, or just have never been able to get around to it like I often am, but I really can't wait to see what this all looks like when it's revealed to us. there's so much going on here and it's so wild and interesting, it's awesome. I'm excited to see how the stuff revealed in this chapter plays out, but I also haven't forgotten the earl of wychwood and the three earls stuff, so I'm excited for that stuff too! I adore how this is all working out and can't wait to see what it's all going to mean for the mysteries we've seen introduced so far, the ones yet to come, and the ones we haven't noticed, I just know it's going to be great! I have so many thoughts about this all, to many to even order and compile, but suffice it to say I'm going to be thinking about and pondering on this story for a while! thanks so much for sharing this with us and good luck with whatever you're working on right now!
9/22 c30 Voxxie
I'm loving this story. Ignore the idiots you may see in the comments. They live sad lives who don't understand they aren't being forced to read it.
9/2 c21 Guest
I've already made it clear to you. You need to consider narrative instead realistic interpretation. Furthermore, it 100% DOES NOT MATTER whether you consider Dumbledore to be manipulative in canon. Readers do not consider such, and requires such warnings. Your story has a manipulative Dumbledore and THUS NEED SUCH A WARNING, regardless of your view of canon. Such warnings are for your readers, not you, and it's not for you to make an interpretive statement.

I completely agree that Dumbledore, should we apply real world logic, is utterly fucking terrible. Judging a 11 year old child as evil is fucking absurd. His action as Headmaster, for both Snape and Harry, is criminal of the highest degree. But none of this changes the fact that canon presents him as a decent, reasonable person.

Also, for god's sake, they're vs their. Your vs you're. I find your AN relatively enlightening and educational, and in general, agree with them. However, these kind of unacceptable mistake seriously dampens my estimation of your intelligence.
9/1 c13 Guest
I have to say. This is a very very impressive premise. I'd love to see this done properly.
9/1 c12 Guest
You know; your author notes indicates that you are educated. So you have absolutely no excuse to confuse your and you're.
9/1 c10 Guest
I mean, this is obviously an author tract and a strawman, but ok.
9/1 c1 Guest
First of all, regardless of your self-righteous justifications, you are Dumbledore bashing.

You seem to forget that Harry Potter is a STORY, and sometimes you have to judge actions by narrative standards, not realistic standards. Dumbledore leaving Harry Potter as a baby is utterly terrible by realistic standards, but it is simply an expected trope by narrative standards, and it was portrayed as the right thing to do, despite how ridiculous it is.

Dumbledore is a 'nice' person, because that is how the story goes. If you want to go by realistic standards, the whole damn story doesn't work. Because the idea of Hogwarts is utterly abysmal. Everyone involved is a criminal for child endangerment. Not to mention, the idea of having children fight in a war is a war crime for everyone involved.

Harry, Hermoine, and Ron are utterly corrupt criminals who identity thefted in the worst way, and violated trust and friendship in the worst way by using polyjuice potions. EVERY teacher would be guilty of one unforgivable crime or another. Snape would legitimately be the most decent person. Mcgonall would be considered utterly atrocious. Even Umbridge would be better than some of the heroes.

Now, it is perfectly already to recognize that the narrative understanding is utterly ridiculously realistically, and thus the story is badly written. And Harry Potter is badly written in the sense that it breaks down the moment you try to apply some logic to it! However, ignoring the narrative form over the realistic form to paint someone in a bad light is bashing.

You are painting Dumbledore as some sort of manipulative child-groomer, which he definitely is not in story, so you are bashing him.
8/22 c17 CarolsSister
I am not one of those Sirius people who think that Sirius was some tragic hero. I look at him as a frat boy who slid by on his name and his families' position, and still hasn't grown up. I know that it is a given that people do not advance either mentally or emotionally beyond the age they were imprisoned, but it felt he never even tried. And putting Harry's interests first? Not if they run counter to what Sirius wants, or what Dumbles tells him he wants.
8/2 c30 quin3218
This really is an amazing fic. Sad it’s incomplete.
7/26 c30 IronHair
7/26 c8 Guest
"The phrase "the greater good" has its origns in the writings of Jeremy Bentham (founder of utilitarianism), who some modern day psychologists believe had asperger's syndrome, which does explain his theories."

Well, fuck you too, you bigoted asshole.
7/25 c13 IronHair
Can't post from my main account, as I've already left a review earlier in th is chapter.
A question.. Why didn't lily say something to voldemort the night he attacked?.. Or even any other night?
7/24 c8 Guest
Fan fictions like this convince me the authors are ducking geniuses
7/24 c1 IronHair
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