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8/20 c30 Guest
8/19 c30 12Lady Logos
Had to read this from the beginning. it's a shame that it's been out on hold, but patience usually gives rewardsThis is a fantastic story all around and I like it how you explain your reasoning for why and what happens when. the little anecdotes from actual history and such are excellent as well.
8/19 c13 Death Lantern
lestrange, really?! This Lily is absolutely deranged.
8/18 c10 Death Lantern
Snape's behaviour is inexcusable irrespective of who his parents were. Your clear bias against a dead man who isn't alive to put his arguments on the table is despicable.
8/18 c8 Death Lantern
oh yes, Saint lily can do no wrong ! typical snapetard here
8/18 c8 Death Lantern
Definition of deadly is pretty calous here. Any harm that can kill you within next 24 hours irrespective of apparition ability or proximity of hospital should be considered deadly. I am seeing that many issues are conveniently being ignored in this fic to just drive the author's propaganda home.
8/15 c14 Miinty
It's so nice to see Dumbledore and Ron being ignored, not to mention I'm enjoying watching Harry evolve and learn about the things that put him through.

I'm loving the story and its writing and just perfect I can put myself in the character's shoes, not to mention that I can understand what you want to convey.
8/9 c30 Hot48cricket1
Abandoned? Definitely NOT finished
8/5 c8 Hot48cricket1
Another chapter where you show granger to be in bad form - grabbing Harry’s things because “she has to know” everything
8/5 c7 Hot48cricket1
Granger sure loves ordering and taking things from Harry - another reason to hate her
8/5 c4 Hot48cricket1
I like this story so far!

Do NOT like granger - wish you left her in the abyss with Ronald
7/30 c4 Guest
I begin to wonder if Dr. Leeds ~is~ Riddle. If so, he fakes objectivity well.

Reminded once again of the destruction of the Stone, I'd condemn AD on that alone: it wasn't his choice to make, and on form he'd lie about the Flamels' having themselves chosen it.

The genetics explication was lovely, especially the two-locus interaction that determines magical identity with ~potential~ magical expression's being homozygous recessive ss with actual access requiring ssM_.

OTOH, though, I'd expect there to be more alleles at the M locus, allowing a range of power to exist depending on the various combinations, e.g., extending the above, M, M', M", with
ssM"M" Squib and S_ _ Muggle.
(Sorry about that, couldn't resist. It makes the numbers so much more interesting.)

The inbreeding factors would be multiple, though. Bella, for instance, is very strong, she's just nuts; her family is notorious for it and her elder first cousin a prime example of the tendency's running wild in a somewhat different direction.
7/30 c3 guest
Your writing continues to be well above average. I do wish things were moving somewhat faster; but that's not a criticism, just a wish. I rather miss people I'd prefer to see (I think this 'Moody' is Crouch) but will plow ahead on spec. Interesting that canon-HP loathed his "sadistic git" of an Occlumency instructor, but this HP doesn't harbor the same feeling when his trainer displays a similar bent.
7/30 c1 guest
Having read your endnote, I must agree that portraying Albus Dumbledore as canon revealed him to be is not bashing at all. Even if he'd started with relatively good motives (a dubious assumption given his early agreement with Grindelwald * ), his opposition to Voldemort had already devolved into a pissing contest some years before before Harry's parents, let alone Harry, arrived at Hogwarts. Harry's conclusions about AD make a lot of sense.

Since I want to like McG (how's that for a reason to postulate something?), I tend to think that AD inflicted a charm, potion, or other magic on her to make her believe that anything he said or did was acceptable. Hagrid would be an even easier target: he has less common sense than the average magical, little though that is. Snape of course is nothing but a slave trapped by his promise to give AD "anything," though I have read a couple fics where he told AD to stuff it after Lily died since AD had failed to protect her.

The other professors, and especially Madam Pomfrey, are tougher logical nuts to crack unless one extends the charm, potion, etc., idea to them as well. However, adopting that one hales me over to the question of why AD needs all these ploys if he is powerful enough to pull them off. Why not just take over by treating all influential people this way?

(We shall kindly pass - partly - over the obvious conclusion: that Rowling is careless, lazy, and maybe incompetent as well. I feel no obligation to be kind to her: she's laughing all the way to the bank and laughing hardest at her most devoted fans, whom she obviously despises. She created interesting characters but put them in a world that can't hold together under more than a fast-passing glance.)

Sorry for the tangents. Again, your Harry is for once thinking, and thinking like a Slytherin, which most abused kids would do. His wrath at having all his survival reflexes stripped from him is absolutely justified, and his discovery of Occlumency and its value is wonderful. Did Crouch give HP the book in the hope that his rage would send him to Riddle on the rebound?
* Going by the seven books re. AD & GG. I haven't swallowed any of Rowling's retcons and don't intend to.

P.S. The word play in your title is dead-black humor worthy of Snape.
7/14 c30 yumi127
thank you for a fantastic story. I've enjoyed both the story and your author notes. others may have flinched or bitched about Harry's personality switches but I found them realistic in terms of trying to create new filters and reactions. as humans we often fallback into old behaviors or viewpoints when stressed and have to fight in our own heads to maintain the new ones.
I hope at some point you have the time and inclination to pick this back up.
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