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for Some Say Love Is Blind

12/5/2018 c21 Uno
Continued reading like crazy!

I liked your twist there! I truly thought that Deidara and Kira wouldn't be a good fit, due to resembling a sister and all ha!

Of course I can't know for certain, but I feel Gaara will become a big part of the story soon ;)
12/5/2018 c3 Uno
Wow. Three chapters in and I am hooked! You know, OC's, especially OC's with new abilities, are so hard to balance. They either come off as to OP or just unfit for the naruto uni so I was ready to find yet another one pf those.

But I am stunned! The character is interesting. Mysterious. The power is so new and refreshing. She fits right into the naruto uni!

Plus! Up to now you are truly depicting the other characters well! Can't wait to read more
3/27/2018 c30 Gilyflower
this is a really amazing story, I can only hope it's updated again at some point
7/5/2017 c30 Reader
Please continue i really like your story.
1/29/2017 c30 1Obsessive Dreamer
Dude, come on. don't leave us hanging. I really hope you haven't given up on this story. I love your writing style. I was surprised that it took so long to meet Gaara, but everything up to that point, and beyond, was intriguing and well-written. There are some minor grammatical errors every chapter, but I believe they're forgivable since the plot is just so good. I really hope you continue writing this. It's not that often that I can find a long story that I actually like to read.
11/21/2016 c30 Guest
It's getting really good! Please continue!
8/27/2016 c30 3Korra Ly
Garra is one of my favorite characters and I was searching for stories to read and I found this one. I ended up reading all 29 chapters in one night. I can't wait for the next chapter. PLZ update soon. My poor soul can't wait very long.
8/10/2016 c30 AUniqueIndifference
Aw! Gaara is so cute when he's being dense! I can't to see how his talk with Kankuro goes. I honestly don't know how this story will really play out, but I am terribly curious! Thank you for the update!
8/7/2016 c30 6Rileyyheartt
Yay, a new chapter. I loved it. It was so sweet at the end. I was literally resisting the urge to say "Awhhh". I can't wait for the next chapter. ~Riley
7/27/2016 c7 lennyface
One large problem I see with her training to be a shinobi is how old she is compared to everyone else. It tak a years of training just to be a genin when you are young and things are easier to learn. It would be incredibly difficulty for Kira to start from scratch at 18
7/18/2016 c29 Rileyyheartt
I like your story. Normaly I wouldn't leave a review or favorite a story with such a slow update rate, however I really do like your story. I'm rather impatient so out of my frustrations I search for a new story to read almost every day. At the moment my list is over fifty. However, it seems none of my favorited stories update as fast as my preferences. Which is the only downside of these stories not being books. (I only favorite if I think it is worth it) so I shall await the next chapter in anticipation. Update soon. Time to search for something else to read.
7/7/2016 c29 AUniqueIndifference
I'm really loving your story! I adore Kira and her attitude and am enjoying the way her character is developing. It doesn't seem forced and it's not happening all at once. Can't wait for the next chapter. -
7/1/2016 c29 MonsterUnderTheSink
Good story. I like how Kira 'sees' it makes the story more interesting than others.
6/24/2016 c23 1Le pettit Charlotte
gaara! \o/
9/26/2015 c28 Guest
plzz update
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