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6/23/2012 c9 cookie
Will be sorry to see this end, I like the way its going - House finally admitting he needs help and asking for it! Looking forward to the remaining chapter
6/22/2012 c9 Cold Colors
Cool, I alerted just in time to get an email telling me there was a new chapter. :D Is that awesome or what?

Ahem, in any case, AWWW. And It was kinda abrupt and everything, but it was cute. Or I thought it was cute. o.o

I should ... sleep ... more ... Not sleeping makes me sound stupid, I apologize.

6/21/2012 c8 25ferret assassin nin
Cool. They did make up and now Wilson actually understands House a lot better now. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

ferret nin
6/21/2012 c8 3RaeofKlaine24
Sad to read that it will end but I've loved this story and can't wait to finish it. This was my first fanfiction since I began the TV show a few weeks ago and I love it. Great job! :)
6/20/2012 c8 Visitkarte
Interesting story, fairly well done, plays with some fantasies I was having over and over again. It feels good to read them. Keep on working on your writing.
6/19/2012 c8 1Kalvinanne
awww I love this chapter, soo good, House loves Wilson that much is clear and I like seeing them make up and Wilson finally cluing in to the pain his friend is.

I swear they forget about it all the time. I also hope Cuddy gets a bit of a wake up call as well. If he was their patient not their friend they would have treated him differently! :D

I can't wait for the next chapter ! and great line from house about the angst in the room typical house thing to say :)
6/19/2012 c7 Kalvinanne
awww goo wilson! you can do it, :)

and hahah of course Kutner would break the rules, House has his effect on everyone :D.
6/19/2012 c5 Kalvinanne
awww, this is soo good, I really am loving this story still, and the line about chase was absolutely perfect and funny :)
6/19/2012 c4 Kalvinanne
awwwwwww awwww awww! seriously I am near tears, oh my goodness, I totally adore this story! so freaking much :D
6/19/2012 c2 Kalvinanne
i likey very very much! whoah what a neat thought. I loved Kutner, and I like the idea of him looking out for house. I always hated how they gave the audience that hint of abuse but never expanded on it :( thanks! :D
6/19/2012 c8 physics is fun
good work. I can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the good work. physics is fun
6/19/2012 c8 Bakerstreet Blues
Harper, THANK YOU for finally acknowledging the fact that YES, HOUSE EXHIBITS EVERY SYMPTOM OF CHILD ABUSE AND NO ONE EVER SAW IT...David Shore spent 8 years trying to prove to viewers that all these Doctors were intelligent, yet none of them put the symptoms together...In the episode "Autopsy" when House described the attributes of molested children...HE MAY AS WELL HAVE BEEN DESCRIBING HIMSELF and none of the ducklings put 22 together...really sad actually, how many authors out there write House as this evil egotistical jerk, yet never realize that the scars left behind from childhood trauma are lifelong...bravo for being insightful enough to bring this to a believable light...

Keep writing...you have a terrific story. GROWTH is a wonderful thing in characters...
6/19/2012 c8 De-em2
First, thank you for updating. A subtle start of Wilson difficult subjects. And, I enjoy your writing style.
6/16/2012 c2 sendbillmoney
Um, "House dropped his bag and did a 360, battle ready. "Just try and stop me!"

If he does a 360, he has turned in a complete circle. A 180 would be half way. Leave them both out. How about "House dropped his bag and turned to face his father, battle ready."
6/14/2012 c7 physics is fun
thank you. excellent work. physics is fun
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