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11/17/2013 c18 JoFaye11
I think you should do the part where nicole thanks clove for something, then they start being friends , then find out if they are sisters, if they were
6/29/2013 c18 Chelsea Hunger Games Fan
Its good
6/14/2013 c18 clovelycato555
thank you for posting this :) I understand if you dont want to continue it but its not a fail. :) its really good
6/14/2013 c18 valerie-hunter-of-artemis
This was always really good but Im lost for ideas as well so if you dont want to continue Im not going to force you but just to let you know this isnt a failure
6/13/2013 c18 3C.B. Weasley
Just stay calm! It will come to you! I believe in you!
C. B. Weasley
6/13/2013 c18 3NopeItsNotMe
You shouldn't write this story offbas a failure. It is well written especially for a first story
So you've hit a rut that's okay, we all do. But please don't give up because you are a awesome writer :)
1/5/2013 c17 13hgfan16
plz post more soon
1/1/2013 c17 1obsessedchick44
LOVE this! and I get how Nicole could throw the scissors like that. it's because clove has very accurate aim with knives:) Nicole seems really cool.
12/23/2012 c17 Clatolover555
Omg! Please update! If you don't im gonna die! Love the story! Liv it up!
12/10/2012 c17 3C.B. Weasley
That was friggin hilarious! Go Clove and Nicole! Update soon!
12/8/2012 c17 TaliaNyx
i like trains ;0
9/9/2012 c16 C.B. Weasley
This is really epic! I like it! Update soon!
9/4/2012 c16 telekinesis1728
8/31/2012 c16 2xCraigifer
Aww, love you too! It was great. As always. I plan on sending a few stalkers your way, just a heads up. ;)
8/26/2012 c15 41Clato 27
It's really good! Please update soon!:)
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