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3/16/2015 c17 2itjustizz
Can't wait for more! It's really riveting and the plotline is unique but maybe you should consider getting a beta or a pre-reader :)
3/13/2015 c1 Guest
yeah this is not a real revieuw. Just testing if everithing works right.
9/14/2014 c14 8XxYourSilentScreamsxX
could u pwease finish this, then REVIEW on my story? :D
9/11/2013 c13 PoseyRosey
Type your review for this chapter here...
3/3/2013 c11 5Ellen92
Possessive Edward. Me gusta *-* (Yes, I just prioritized this. It's much better than working on a thesis anyway :p)
Can't wait to see Edward do a one eighty on her :p
1/29/2013 c10 Ellen92
So curious on how this is gonna go from here! :D
11/9/2012 c9 Ellen92
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I knew he would keep her *grin*
11/3/2012 c9 Dixie.f.9
Humm so the Cullen's raise Bella
9/10/2012 c8 Ellen92
Is it bad that I kinda don't like the blacks?
And I do have a feeling Edward will have her back soon. I mean, it's Bella and Edward after all :')
9/5/2012 c8 Dixie.f.9
Billy and them will love Bella but they would raise her to be against the Cullens causeing Bella to have to chose between them and the Cullen's .
9/5/2012 c8 22gemma loves edward
Oh no how could Edward let bella go :( still enjoyed
9/1/2012 c7 10AngieD.pandamomma
Yaaay Edward is so sweet his adorable as a daddy keep updating plz
Hope Eddie keeps Bella (imma cry if he doesn't lol)
8/25/2012 c2 6reobessed
great start
8/24/2012 c7 22gemma loves edward
Loved the new chap :) thank u for updating
8/23/2012 c7 5Ellen92
Daddyward is too cute. End of story.
It's a bit weird though, knowing how the story obviously will evolve :') But still, too darn cute!
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