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6/29/2020 c4 Sak
Aw so sweet! I love their hugging, Sasukes quiet neediness! And Naruto coming upon the scene between them was a nice touch too. Thanks for this!
6/29/2020 c3 Sak
This was funny but also believable!
6/29/2020 c2 Sak
It is always the aphrodisiac laced chocolates!
I'm a little confused on the time line here, but nice you added Sakura in the mix because her dedication to Sasuke can't be denied
6/29/2020 c1 Sak
Hey this is good;
Ino is my favourite female character as well. And her with any of those guys is a yes in my book. You write very well, nice descriptions and flowing dialogue. A few typo errors that can be corrected with someone else editing your work beforehand. Good job
1/8/2016 c4 nancy
u must realy like barbie for making that much stories with ino; i realy hate her
sorry but this is a bad storie
6/21/2014 c3 Violet
The chapter was very funny especially the way Ino react and how she she wanted the boys to be as scared as her. Gaara must be mortified to see them in action. Sasuke was too adorable. I hope that Sakura baby is Genma's because he seem to be really caring about her. Kakashi with his perverted mind.
5/27/2014 c4 deathrosekitty
Aww. A moment where they didn't need to speak to hear each other out.
5/24/2014 c4 Guest
I love how you write about these two. You are so gifted with words, Seriously I read all your SasuIno stories and all of them are amazing! You're the best writer of SasuIno :))
5/24/2014 c1 zielavienaz96
love it..!
3/29/2014 c1 S
Your writing is very good but this round about topic of their infedielity is tiring. Just stay single you desperate ninjas!
7/24/2013 c3 4Hikari Yamanaka
ahahahaha that was so funny! love it
7/16/2012 c3 1Cheese Maiden
Ino is one luck girl to have both Sasuke and Gaara. I love the fact she teased them that they might have done something with each other. I just wish you wrote what really happened. I put money on Genma being the father of Sakura's baby.
7/14/2012 c3 deathrosekitty
Damn straight the threesome with Ino is hotter. But now I want KakaIno!
7/13/2012 c3 9ShikaIno1
Omg Jiraiya is sooo evil! I can not believe Sakura got pregnant because of hom doing this. Lol. I have to say that i love the SasInoGaa pairing in this one
7/13/2012 c3 ShikaInoInuKikIchiHime36
Lol Good Chapter, Please Continue!
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