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for Mystic Summer reuploaded

10/6/2020 c7 25Pink ranger 13
It’s a great story
12/10/2019 c7 Guest
Update please
3/24/2019 c1 4joeyblast
Dude, it was probably that nasty group of Fanfiction users that love to just report stories that they don't like under the reason "It's got unapproved M-rated content." They do that just to be mean. Most of them are actually a part of the Obama Administration, and I wouldn't be surprised in Trump joined in on the "down with freedom of speech"
3/19/2019 c7 freethewolves1
this is a great story so far and I really hope you are going to update it soon. I really love the story so far.
2/11/2019 c7 noreenklose
Excellent story.
I really enjoyed reading it.
Thanks for writing.
2/5/2019 c5 46Hikari Nova
where the heck do you live that 5'8" is an average 11 year old's height? because the average grown male human is between 5'5" and 5'9" I mean i'm personally above average for both male and female heights at 6' even but even at age 11 I was around average or slightly taller then average an was around 4'6 to 4'8
10/1/2018 c7 Guest
This is indeed a story.
4/22/2017 c6 david.teague.3950
How the hell can a 12 year old stand at 6 bloody feet dude? I didn't get that tall until I was around 16 and now I'm six feet, five and three quarter inches. It's more logical for Harry to be around five feet which is just slight taller than your average 12 year old which is four feet ten inches. I know this is fan fiction but do try to keep a little closer to reality in the future. Also how in the world is a potion supposed to purge a fragment of a soul?

Nice idea with the Temporal Dilation chamber, I'm not about to diss or argue against such a thing simply because they remind of the HTC from DBZ.
10/31/2016 c5 11Mystic Sharman
You have commented a grave injustice to your Harry. By confusing him to the deepest depths of hell. As you gave him both the limited and unlimited forms of the same shapeshifting ability. Therefore the Metamorphmagus and Animagus abilities are mutually exclusive. As they are practically the same ability only differing in what limitations are in place. The former grants unrestricted transformation but can only be inherited. While the later is restricted to a single animal form but can be learned by anyone without Metamorphmagus genes. There forever for you must remove at least one of those abilities. You cannot ignore this choice. If you need Harry to have a human from disguise than your stuck with him being a Metamorphmagus. This kind of Harry can mimic the Animagus transformation with some specialist training.
6/6/2016 c6 1Red the Pokemon Master
What does Tonks mean by 'Wotcher'?
4/9/2016 c5 thisistotallyaname
I am 5"9ish and 14 years old - above average.

5'8" is not average for an 11 year old.

Unless people in Britain are taller than here in the States?

Like the story, I do, either way.

Good Yoda voice possess, I do not.
12/19/2015 c3 Thedarklordofsass
Hey man,
This is a really good fic, but one thing i noticed is you switch between 1st and 3rd person alot.
I have found that when writing something it is always better to use 3rd person, unless someone is speaking.
I hope this helps you, and as I said earlier, great Fic, it had an amazing plot
4/6/2015 c6 46Hikari Nova
ya supered harry up pretty fast i could see 3-5 years but not 5 months but oh well i'll keep reading as other then that plot hole it's pretty cool
12/7/2014 c4 Cynder
Wicka wouldn't catch on because it is actually a different branch of magic and Wiz means wise, which most of the wizards aren't. Nice try though.
10/17/2014 c7 3lrmorena
This is a wonderful start for the 2nd year with all new changes... Perfect!
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