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7/11/2012 c17 Chades
Your author's note made me grin madly and Deluca grows on me. She's just plain awesome (and I totally understand Tony-she is slightly scary. :P)
7/11/2012 c17 31Liliththestormgoddess
Aww, poor Clint! My baby! I'm guessing Tony had what he said translated. I want to know what he said!
7/11/2012 c17 28The Red Fedora
Sounds like med leave and desk duty till hes 80.
7/11/2012 c17 Renee
So I've been lurking for a while, LOVING every second of this story.

I love the character of Deluca. The fact that she punched Samuel L. Jackson (because, I'm sorry, he and Nick Fury are the same person) in the head made me laugh.

This story has been a great balance of suspense and humor. I love the direction you took on the mind possession and how it has grown from there. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with that on the recovery side of things. Wonderful job so far. I like your characters, and I appreciate the emotional look at Natasha. From the movie portrayal, clearly one of the only things that can get to her is Clint, so I think the emotional side to her is pretty spot on here. Can't wait for the next chapter!
7/11/2012 c17 7Audriel
Wow, that's one helluva of a list. Though I think you're missing broken ribs, though I'm surprised there's no punctured lungs with how Clint mentioned the broken edges rubbing against each other. And Deluca punched Fury, and took over the comm! She's officially my favorite OC, doing what we all want to do.

The lighthearted interactions are needed with such tense situation and it also shows the growing camarederie between the Avengers. Loki being tied in red metallic tape, of all things the Queen could give Tony, a tape? and the Avengers' reaction being meh, regardless how painful it would be to peel them off.

Hmm, a language that Romanoff didn't know? Then it'll be an interesting 15 minutes, supposedly another bonding moment with Clint as the center of it?
7/11/2012 c17 178Susan M. M
Ann Deluca was wonderfully Deluca-ish in this chapter. As usual, LG, you took my breath away.
7/11/2012 c17 Guest
Dark Goddess Of Shadows here.

I ran that through a translater. I got:
"Egin ezazu gelditzeko. Ezin izango dut bizirik irauteko honetan. Egin ezazu gelditzeko. Barkatzen dit, anaia. Zer egin dut?"
"Make it stop. I can't survive this. Can't stop it. Forgive me brother. What do I do?
It was in Basque. Do u know how long it took me to look that up?

Nice! Go Ann! U rock!

Loved this chapter!
7/10/2012 c14 Guest
I love it how Jarvis is just like, "Yeah, he's dead." the "my condolences sir" cracked me up.
7/10/2012 c16 115Hieiko
Hawkeye still badass as ever.

Unfortunately I've also recently gained more fondness for Loki, and so... poor Loki.
7/10/2012 c16 19oakleaf
Amazing chapter, as always. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the team will prove to Clint that he's important to them. That scene was so emotional and so well written.
7/9/2012 c16 5anaticulapraecantrix
Intense chapter. Get Clint a slushie bed.
7/9/2012 c16 28The Red Fedora
Rest well, Hawk.

You are brutal, but brilliant:-)
7/9/2012 c16 Guest
Loki's really the uber villain, isn't he? Never know how to give up. So is Clint. Good thing the team is there for him.

I think we'll have full account of Clint's injuries next, and see how much of a ringer you have put him into. What a handsome, amenable cockroach indeed.
7/9/2012 c16 Guest
Wheee! thank you so much for the update! my nails are nibbled to pieces :)
7/9/2012 c16 Guest
Oh poor, Clint. Such an emotionally charged scene! Great job!
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