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12/15/2018 c9 Katie MacAlpine
Well, at least Clint doesn't have to go anywhere.
12/15/2018 c8 Katie MacAlpine
Clint! I know you're in a rush, but don't push yourself too much!
12/15/2018 c7 Katie MacAlpine
Go, Clint, Go!
12/15/2018 c6 Katie MacAlpine
12/15/2018 c5 Katie MacAlpine
CLINT ! (I really wish we could use a bold font in these reviews. Clint is my favorite Avenger, so of course I'm getting a little emotional here. Great story!)
12/15/2018 c4 Katie MacAlpine
12/14/2018 c3 Katie MacAlpine
12/14/2018 c2 Katie MacAlpine
Oh My God! Poor Clint!
12/14/2018 c1 Katie MacAlpine
Ooooo! I like!
3/30/2018 c21 Guest
Oh my gosh, this was amazing! I love how it was written and everything about it. One of my favourite Clint fics ever.
5/6/2016 c21 3Unterflieger
That was really good. thanksssss
12/28/2015 c21 Guest
You've done such an amazing job with this story. The level of detail in the emotions, action sequences and dialog is incredible - and to me, you've kept true to the characters and their reactions. Really superbly done!
6/7/2015 c15 Olive-Pizza
Still lovely, darling!

I just wanted to let you know that I loved that you take clint's sight to the next level-like not only can he physically see well, but also that he's super perceptive. He can see into people, he observes them, learns them. And that's awesome so I'm glad you touched on that! :)
6/4/2015 c12 Olive-Pizza
Hi! Me Again! Again, awesome writing, love your descriptions and your writing flows nicely.

Specifically, this quote: "the crushing pressure of the world that seemed to rest on his shoulders, or the flames of hell licking at his heels."

Love, love, love that line! It portrays Clint so well. How he feels the duty, what he needs to do for the world, for his friends, for his values and so on, but also shows that he has done some things that he isn't proud of. That he doesn't think he is a good man, but is still going to be good anyway.

Anyway, I'm slowly but surely reading through this! Looking forward to more of your works!
5/27/2015 c5 Olive-Pizza
Me again. As I take a break in reading this fic, just wanted to say you write beautifully and I really appreciate how you gave more depth to this story than the film could. Loved that you make him fighting Loki's influence instead of simply being incapable. Because Hawkeye is cool and should not be treated as anything but. So thanks for doing that! Alright, I will read more tomorrow! 3 thanks for the good read!
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