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9/23/2013 c2 Guest
the handbasket to hell while wearing gasoline underpants is so great I can't wait to share with my sister and her kids/
9/8/2013 c21 1Shoot The Runner
Hey , loved this story ! I've always wanted someone to write a story about hawk eye . He is underrated in the avengers and its cool to see someone showcase it . You did a great job showing his skills ! . I loe the way you described his bond with Natasha! I hope in scars you don't torture his mind again that last line off bruises has me on edge !;) it would be awesome to see how the people of Asgard react to clint as a warrior , they probably haven't seen anyone like him before ! Any way great story , can't wait for scars
8/24/2013 c21 1truefairytales
8/3/2013 c21 Witchy1ness
Cannot describe how much I love this story! I've read it three times already and I can't WAIT until Scars starts. The way you write the characters is so THEM and the way your scenes just flow make this story an absolute dream to read :) Keep up the fantastic work!
7/30/2013 c20 Shandare
Misha Collins makes fluffy puppy noises?

Damnit - now I'm going to spend all night wondering what that sounds like.
7/25/2013 c21 HFHFNSNSOFUFN
Love this story, but I can not tell you how many heart attacks I've had reading this. How many times has Clint almost died or basically tortured...I kind of lost count.
6/30/2013 c17 Kyu-Momo
Hah! She hit him! bwahahahahah!

Ok, I officially love your OC doctor. She is awesome! lol
And aww man.. yikes... I'm really impressed with your medical knowledge. ughh owww... Poor Clint... And I hope everyone else is okay.

Well, seems they all need lots of TLC. XD
6/30/2013 c10 Kyu-Momo
Heh! This is awesome!

And wow... I definitely want to see Clint's reaction to Tony buying him a slushy machine. heeheehee! :)
6/24/2013 c21 9GreenleafUndomiel
You MUST write a sequel! This story was absolutely amazing :D I'm buzzing to know what would happen next
5/29/2013 c21 Alice
Wow. Just . . . yeah, that is an excellent read. Thank you! I could start quoting every line that resonated with me in some way, but repeating the whole work seems counter-productive. I truly enjoyed the perspective of the internal struggles of someone being forced to act against their own will. To betray one's allies - and then be blamed for all those involuntary actions - ah the angst! I really like when authors go inside the characters' minds and show the prices paid for the actions glossed over on-screen.
Your characterization is excellent, the plotting tight, and the anticipation for the next part unbearable. Thank you so much for posting, I really appreciate your time and effort. I add my voice to all the others who are clamoring for you to continue - but no pressure!
4/4/2013 c21 6the guttersnipe
Wow! I hard a hard time putting this down unless i reached the end of it...

I love a well thought of story.

Thanks for posting!
4/1/2013 c21 24FiveForFighting09
If I had the time, I would go through each chapter and tell you how wonderful they are. As I do not have the time, sadly, I wish to convey my utmost respect for your storytelling and writing abilities. Your characters were phenomenal and I enjoyed this story about as much as Clint suffered through it. Haha.

Hope to see the sequel soon, as you left me cursing the ending. :-)
3/31/2013 c21 Dsgdiva
This was excellent! I read the whole thing in one sitting! Any plans for a sequel?
3/31/2013 c14 Dsgdiva
I just found this story (amazing by the way) and am reading it straight through. But did want to take a moment in this chapter just to say that, even though I can immediately read the next chapter and don't have to wait, you are still evil. Keep it up!
3/27/2013 c21 1TheJinjaNinja
wow, I LOVE this story, its brilliant! cant wait for bruises, keep up the good work!
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