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3/23/2013 c1 JRBarton
Really a great piece of fanfiction, one of the best I've read. Different from the others like day from night, I expecially like the "walk in Clint's mind" and how you described the other Avengers POV on Clint and how it changes along the story when they get to know him better through his actions. You actually kinda make me almost like Loki too, through his interactions with Clint and the dialogues between them. Still wanna see him with an arrow through his eyesocket thou :-) . I couldn't put the story down, but the sequel? You can't just leave me hanging like this, please pretty pleaseeeeeee!
3/13/2013 c21 4Reader-anonymous-writer
He frowned hard, remembering abruptly the words he'd spoken when he'd caught the man in the first place. "You have heart." And so he did. Maybe too much of it.
And so does Loki.
"He operates on debts. They both do. How interesting," he murmured, and he continued to wander.
So he decided, fine and very well, the man's reaction in his head had been a fluke, an initial response. Certainly nothing for Loki to be concerned about.
Why does Coulson resemble Kakashi so?
Loki is cruel, sometimes.
Finally, he nodded and said, "If I go, I'm sure as hell taking you with me."
I may as well stop reading here, if the future is not to be changed...
"You think you did him a kindness by prolonging his death? All you did was extend his pain."
Loki knows pain from experience.
Loki is a survivor, and in that, Loki is uniquely suited to Midgardians.
"The guy tried to run me through with his magic stick. For some reason, he stumbled, missed, and after I shot him with what is soon to be my personal weapon, he ran off cursing Barton. Think he's making it difficult for him?"
So, you did change events. Good.
"What's in Istanbul, Clint?"
The mission in Istanbul. Remember it?
How does Thor have power to enter Hawk's mind?
He'd killed men and women, fellow agents, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. He'd killed nieces and nephews.
Loki killed them. Thanos killed them. War killed them.
Right into horribly, awfully, terrifyingly blue eyes.
Clint, what's the colour of Loki's eyes in your mind-scape battles?
"I learned my lesson with you, Barton. I expanded your mind, but them? I cleared it. Blank slate, as it were. They know nothing beyond serving me loyally for all their days."
If it was possible to do it to everybody, you would have done it to Barton, too. Or don't you want to win? Loki, you would not have shared your plans with Clint, had you not wished to goad him into destroying them, into defeating Thanos.
Even as the energy hit him and his world turned to white agony, his ears picked up the angered cry from his target as the sharp arrowhead found its mark. He didn't know why he worried. He never missed. Not anymore.
Loki would not have stood within the range of your arrows had he not wanted to be hit.
Clint straightened and extended his hand, catching the back of the man's suit, pushing himself off the armor towards the opposite side of the street. Steve didn't spare Tony's shocked shout
"The guy's an enigma wrapped in a mystery. You thought Fury was bad? I think they're neck and neck in the secrets race," he answered, though his words weren't grudging in the least.
"…there are people worth dying for," The look Loki was giving him disappeared into abrupt shock, and the apparition disappeared
I am quite sure that Loki knows of the transmitter.
"I fight because I can when others can't. Because there are things in this world worth fighting for. Because there are things…there are people worth dying for."
Both of you are alive. Neither of you dies.
Your writing is nice. You have a way with poetry. But an anonymous review on my story is not the place to showcase it. So please, either stop posting them or explain it to us or something, because I'm a hairsbreadth away from turning off the anonymous reviews option on this story, strictly because of your posts.
Amused. I was anonymous, for a long time, on this website. I write poetry, in my reviews, when I am in the mood. But this is not my review. First, I have registered before starting to read Avengers. Second, my poetry generally has rhymes. Third, I include original lines from the story to make the context clear.
"He didn't believe in vengeance; he believed in justice," she said quietly, and Steve swallowed his shame silently while Hulk looked away, shifting slightly in the same way Thor did.
Loki was stiff as he whispered words to the air... And, kneeling in front of him, somehow subservient even with a loaded weapon in his hands, there was Clint.
What is going on?
"You think you're prepared for any of it? Even with my brother's help, you'll still fall. All of you will eventually fall," he growled, and Barton gave him a hard glare even as his stride faltered.
Loki remembers the torture. Thanos.
The man wasn't able to refute any of it; it was a fluke that they had won. He still didn't know how they'd done it, only that he hadn't been involved in any way.
You had saved each of them, at some point in time.
Just like he didn't hear the hypnotic magic weaving in and out of the disgraced Asgardian's words.
Silver-tongue is not magic as much as it is ability to control words spoken, the inflection of them, the persuasion of the one whose mind you know intimately.
He couldn't realise what Loki was doing; he couldn't think about the fate the man was trying to avoid, what the Other had threatened him with, what Odin would do to him.
Loki is afraid of what the Mad Titan may do to him, of the way Asgard, instead of Midgard, may be attacked, next time.
Steve pressed the pillow against the lower half of the Asgardian's face, kneeling hard on it, silencing the lies that he was spouting.
Not lies; truths. The shape you see may be that of lies, but the substance it was made of is hard truths.
"Did you know I actually have a few companies that could take care of that for you? I mean, I would still be able to hack them, but Bill Gates might have a little bit of difficulty."
Microsoft's bugs are legendary.
"Egin ezazu gelditzeko. Ezin izango dut bizirik irauteko honetan. Egin ezazu gelditzeko. Barkatzen dit, anaia. Zer egin dut?"
What's the language? Google Translate... Basque...
"Make it stop., I will not be able to survive this. Done to stop it. Forgive me, brother. What do I do?"
Darn. Flashback to before-Shield?
"And if any of you tell her I said that, I'll sign all of you up for a World of Warcraft tournament on the helicarrier. Their guild is called AEGIS, and yes, almost all the techs play,"
There were several heartbeats of silence before Steve asked incredulously, "They blame him for what he did while under Loki's control? Do they know how much he resisted him? What it cost him?"
Idiots. I hope they weren't controlled by Loki. I do not wish to let them go on 'Imperius' excuse.
"Strength of arms is not the only merit we judge on my world. Strength of character, of will, of battle skill, of memory – there are many different facets of the Holmgang that your world has lost over the last millennia."
Then somebody shall challenge Loki to the Holmgang. Odin? Sif? Thor?
"Even if he doesn't need protection, he deserves it. We ought to be a second skin on him right now"... There was the slightest chuckle from somewhere above them...
Vampire on the ceiling! Joking.
All the could think about was that he was going to Asgard, where Loki was, and he prayed to any deity that cared to listen that he would never see the demigod again.
Loki was as possessed as you were. The only difference, Loki wasn't as strong, and he envies you for that.
He glanced up and saw people he didn't know dressed like Loki, disgust and shock visible on their faces.
Clint... They look on a Midgardian with disgust; they look on Loki with disgust, mistrust, hatred, fear, all the spectrum of negative emotions, as he is the second prince, the frost giant, the adopted brother, the sorcerer, the lie-smith.
Good day, good night, and good luck, Bruce, Clint, Loki. Ill luck to Odin, Thanos.
2/12/2013 c1 Guest
I absolutely LOVE this story! Please post the sequel soon! :)
1/22/2013 c21 lisa
This story was absolutely wonderful. The details, the way that you worked around the story line, (saving Coulson! yay!) and making Shield as failable and the Council as inhuman as they seem to be is great.

Looking forward to the next adventure!

Thank you!
1/14/2013 c8 1Tsukinoko1
Great explanation for that "missing time" in the movie! I didn't think the Ironman suit could possibly be that much faster than a quinjet, especially when it was so busted up!
1/6/2013 c1 3shadow375
Great story! Couldn't stop reading and can't wait to see the sequel! Awesome job writing the characters :)
1/5/2013 c14 6whenithitsthefan
NOOOOOOO! Clint can't be dead!
1/5/2013 c1 whenithitsthefan
I've only read the first chapter and it's amazing!
1/2/2013 c21 redpeacock
Well, I'm sleep deprived now from reading this in it's entirety in a fairly short span of time. Thank you for sharing your writing. Hope that sequel happens.
1/1/2013 c13 17weemcg33
This story is amazing...i literally cannot stop reading it.
I love how you have taken bits from the movie but changed it too. I hated that they killed Coulson and liked your version better.
I Really enjoy hawkeye fics, especially the whumps and yours is a major whump. Lol
12/30/2012 c21 whovian42
You HAVE to write the sequel to this!
Loved the side-view of the action, and the way you pulled the team together.
And you are extremely evil for leaving it there... :)
Well written, well characterized. Well done.
12/15/2012 c21 rnc4
Thanks for sharing your story, I'm really excited to see where you will take this, the road to actual recovery can be very interesting! I look forward to the sequel :)
12/7/2012 c21 Petpolka
your understanding of fight moves is amazing, and though they take some time to read and move on, I. can visualize how it could be executed...

u left us with a cliff hanger and not liking that one bit... promises of a new one is increasing my anticipation of the next read...

thx for an excellent story and fleshing out Clint F. Barton!
12/1/2012 c21 3jpgFury
Noooooo - you can't stop there! This is a totally fantastic story and we sooooo need to see how it pans out. I love the characterisations here and the friendships. It is fabulous and needs to continue!
11/5/2012 c21 2WhiteFang001

I need to read more. But I've stayed up way to long trying to finish this.
Dam it! Your writing is too adictive!

There better be a sequel!
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