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for Growth of a SEED ver 2

9/15 c4 Guest
update you loser
4/3 c1 67F-14 Tomcat Lover
Tink Tink Tink

I think this R2 unit is dead.

HELLO! Anyone awake? If so, the PM doesn't alert you to messages!
1/4/2019 c4 GXY-2013
How about this, if you watch Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn or Narrative, do you think it will work as a crossover to the Original Trilogy Star Wars?

Like Growth of a Seed (ver. 2), Princess Leia, her droids, and the rest of Tantive IV all end up in the Unknown Regions, which is where our Sol System was.
4/10/2018 c2 GXY-2013
I was wondering if you could do Gundam Wing (AC 195) x Star Wars (Original Trilogy timeline) or not?

The working title here is Force of a Wing.
4/10/2018 c1 GXY-2013
I was wondering if you could do Gundam Wing (AC 195) x Star Wars (Original Trilogy timeline) or not?
1/12/2018 c4 1eecobeo
This is all very fun and very strategicly thought out hope you write more chapters
10/19/2017 c2 47ptl
Force-Sensitive Coordinator Ultimate Jedi/Sith Badass
7/7/2017 c4 missmeow1968
So good Scribe are we working on this still please let us have more lease and soon . time to make more good story . If you can make things happen i loved it was a great story. thank you Michelle.
5/20/2017 c1 46Hikari Nova
this chapter is an almost perfect copy and paste of dragonknightryu's SEEDs of Rebellion 1st version's only chapter
2/26/2015 c1 DarkSunny
This is a really cool plot, and I love how balanced you are making everything. It's been a while since the last update, so hopefully this hasn't been completely abandoned. Great job, and I remain ever hopeful for a new chapter. :)
5/25/2014 c4 3Lone Gundam
Dude are you ever going to return to this fic? There are so few good SW/MSG crossovers and this is one of them. I really want to see Vader and Luke duke it out in Gundams.
3/28/2014 c4 Guest
Come on let's see Imperial Star Destroyers and don't just keep the battles in space get some ground combat going would ya.
2/17/2014 c4 5Regin
I Like,I Love,I Lust!Please Update Soon!
10/3/2013 c4 ImagineBreaker7
Man another great story from you, I have to ask did you quit writing? Because there haven't been any updates from you in a while. Can you at least let us know if you quit or not? I want to know if I can expect more from you in the future or if is Gould just accept what you have and read other stories?
6/15/2013 c1 1Windam X
Man its been forever since I gave you a review and I've been meaning to for a very long while now.

I like this new version, but I personally believe the first one is better, and more accurate of what would happen If SEED and Star Wars clashed under the conditions you've presented in your two fics.

That said, this is one just as entertaining and is overall better presented. Its very clear that you looked over the first version carefully and made a number of needed changes, I commend you. In particular I like how you've changed the language used to imply that Earth is not quite so gung-ho to be militarily involved with the rest of the galaxy as they were in version 1. Also you expanded a lot of the initial meeting between Leia and the Sol Council, which was very good.

Now the long critical part:

If I had major complaints about this one, It seems to me like you've given into some reviewer pressure from Version 1 about making the Empire and SEED suffer roughly equal losses seemingly by some kind of a default, which is ultimately hurting your bottom line about Why SEED is a potential game changing ally for the Rebels. The Mobile Suits thus far have actually fared quite poorly against the Empire.

Also SEED I feel is being heavily misrepresented militarily. for instance Yzak having a taskforce of eleven ships for the initial encounter with the Mangle is actually kinda ridiculous. By ZAFT and Terminal standards that's an enormous force, considering ZAFT usually operate in teams of two or three ships, and Terminal's peak strength in Destiny I don't think was even 20 ships.

Then Yzak though victorious over Darkel, loses a quarter of that force to an enemy he had outnumbered and outgunned almost 3 to 1, after both ships and fighters are accounted for. in a slugging match I agree with the ship losses, but losing 11 mobile suits to 24 TIE's when Yzak can throw 2 suits at one TIE. overall that averages up to a TIE Fighter being an even match to a Mobile Suit one on one. So with that said, what need does Leia really have for technology that isn't really anymore effective against the empire then what she has already?

Also I'm not really a fan of the Nebula trap Idea from Chapter 4 either. Don't get me wrong its a good idea story wise, but not when you're having the EA forces abandon the positron shield wall from the canon which would (in theory) work just at well at holding the Venomous Fang at bay, for something untested that they know they need to sacrifice a large number of ships from their already scarce supply to trigger.

This is all meant to be constructive so I apologize if it seems harsh or critical, that's not my intent. I only critique things, that either I like, or I feel have tremendous potential that is not being fully realized. I will continue a more detailed analysis in another review when Its not quite so late, and I have more time. But first I just have to say that right now I'm hoping you do what you did with Version 1 between Chapter's 4 and 5 and post an update exactly one year later from the last chapter. Its really is a shame that you have so many wonderful ideas but never seem to have enough time to realize them fully, your work and perspective is really unique among fiction writers.

Good luck, and I look forward to anything else you may release in the future! I'll have more positive things next time, I promise! Cause there is a ton of positive stuff to say!
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