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for Kyoya's Sexy and He Knows It

2/3/2013 c1 120claraowl
*laughs hysterically* We always suspected it...
So I'm NOT the only one who thinks the Hatachi twins are like Fred and George!
11/4/2012 c1 2ScythesRule18
This doesn't suck! It's awesome! (The sad part is that I'm picturing Kyo-chan actually singing and dancing)
8/8/2012 c1 Child of Asgard
awesome fanfic!
6/3/2012 c1 9Windiseil the Tattooed
Aww kat, but you love me and yes im very much happy. Now whatif tamaki did mr. Wounderfull? Tis a good song, lolz
6/3/2012 c1 12Died
Nice work,!
6/2/2012 c1 10TheWorldwideDuo
If you're gonna do more characters, think the next one should be ONE of the twins since they think no one can catch them in the act.

Just some ideas:

Hikaru-Bruno Mars: Lighters

Kaoru-Bruno Mars: It Will Rain

Tamaki-Toybox: Superstar

I'm watching that Nickelodeon movie, Rags, for some reason, so this is an idea I thought of. It would be so cute!

Haruhi/Tamaki: Rags Soundtrack: Perfect Harmony

Just ideas, ya know...

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