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for Wand and Shield

4/2 c33 Guest
What the hell happened to you and where did u go?
3/31 c24 Tenjo
Why do these crossover stories always do this?

You can make an interesting story without trying to add some new element and/or internal conflict. Rather, I would say most of the time adding those only makes the story worse because it’s never done well and this story is no exception… the internal conflict he’s having is so forced and ridiculous that I can’t immerse myself in it. You tried to make it seem deep and important, but it just comes across as tacky.

To me, at least. Others may like it but I don’t.
3/31 c3 Tenjo
It may just be a personal decision to make him short or you’re writing based on Daniel Radcliffe (which doesn’t make much sense as you said he has green eyes like the books), but I’m just commenting this on every story I come across that says Harry is short.

Book-Harry isn’t short. He was as a preteen, but by 7th year he was the same height as James who was fairly tall. So he should be at LEAST taller than 5’10”.
3/17 c14 mst3ktoo
once again Ross proves he's really deserving of a bullet
2/24 c33 Astramilitarum01
It's not terrible and the being is interesting and kinda reads like something i already read but the longer the story goes the more boring it gets the pace slows down and we get more filler, also this Harry is pretty weak all things considered.
2/21 c12 Ninushka
This must be literally the only story where Harry doesn't go spilling his life story to the first random stranger. Which usually drags on for several chapters and I hate it every time. You have no idea how grateful I am for this little fact...
2/16 c33 5Mecharic
[Finding Nemo Seagull Voice]

Chapter 34? 34? Chapter? Chapter? 34? Chapter 34?

More seriously, this was a hell of a read, and I am greatly saddened that it ends here. Maybe someday :)
1/20 c33 The forgivable writer
love it!
have read many a crossovers but they seem to be following the movies with Harry's added presence giving them some major fire power, but this is different, it followed the comics/movies but didn't forget Harry's past or the story of magic and didn't fear from deviating from the well trodden path.

I just came across it this week and binged the hell out of it, my work certainly has complained about it but it was worth it. though the last 2 chapters gave me a little pause as it was kinda out of the blue with the action style and deep dive.
can't wait to read more about the action. thank you for writing!
1/12 c9 Donald Duckk
fuck bro noooo
1/12 c9 Donald Duckk
fuck bro noooo
1/12 c10 Donald Duckk
its like harry is dumb bruh
12/30/2021 c23 1Big Slippins
"I will keep my word, Steven Tyler, Brave Warrior" is a fucking awesome thing to put on a page, nice
12/25/2021 c32 HartleySkarsgard
Reread and still loved it. Still bummed it was abandoned but oh well.
12/20/2021 c33 FloofyDoopy
Chapter 34?
12/15/2021 c33 Nadoxx
Reread this for the first in in a long time, very enjoyable story, if inconsistent characterization of Harry.
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