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for Wand and Shield

2/24 c1 b6076b6076
Please come back to this.
2/13 c14 1KidcReed
Loving the story but a bit disappointed at the missed opportunity from tony upon discovering Harry's magic.

"Im a wizard tony"

"You're a what!?"
1/26 c33 1Dr Gero
I really enjoyed this story! The way you combine the elements from HP, Avengers and some of the comic stuff is really fun. Thanks for all the work and effort you put into this!
1/26 c33 Crypt
It’s a shame that this story appears to have been abandoned - 5 and a half years since the last update!

I really enjoyed the story so far and hope you come back to finish it some day.
1/18 c33 9SilverLightning26
This story is brilliant! You've done a wonderful job of merging canon Avengers elements with an original plot (naturally with Harry's trouble-making tendencies at the center) and I love it. I know it's been a while, but I really hope you haven't given up on this story. I really want to see how this ends! Please update!
1/16 c33 Covid-20
This hasn't been updated from JULY
1/13 c6 frostynips
No body in America says across the pond. If I heard that in normal conversation I think the person was an idiot or their parents were some kind of British
1/10 c10 Guest
Ass so fuckjng adssssssssss make sugckinn stoppppp so assssss my gododddddd my eyes makie it fucking stop so fuckjng assssssssssšś holy shit its fucking shit so fucking shit shit shit assss asssssssss so assssss i cannot take it anyfucking more holy shit how an somethjng be this Assssssssssssssssss my fucking gogoooodododddd its so disgustingly assssssss mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn the fuck how can something be this ass gave me perma cancer.
1/10 c9 Guest
So Fucking Ass.
1/10 c6 Guest
if harry ends up in league with these lot ... idk
1/10 c33 e10620
1/8 c26 Gymnut7
The head puns!
1/6 c33 AquaLucida
Such an amazing story
1/3 c33 Ken kaneki's shadow wolf
Id completely forgot about peeves. That was simply genius to being him into the story like that. I hope that this is updated soon tho.
12/19/2020 c28 Chris Nothin Here
This is fuckin annoying.
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